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70 Years Experience. U.S. Based.

About Bretford

Technology keeps changing — and then changing the way ideas are shared. This is shifting the ways we work and learn. At Bretford, we’re designing the products that support this evolution.

We’ve been reimagining products to help businesses gain productivity and increase effectiveness of their mobile devices for nearly 70 years. We were the first company to introduce the mobile computer cart. The first to build a comprehensive line of audio visual accessories. And the first to launch an intelligent power managing cart that conserves laptop battery life.

Ever since 1948, we’ve stood behind our designs — and stayed ahead of the curve.

A few things, reliably, haven’t changed. We’re dedicated to designing safe products and many of our products meet stringent UL certification. Through our superior workmanship and environmentally-compliant manufacturing practices, we remain committed to building sustainable products that last generations.

We’re a proud leading global manufacturer of technology-enabled products, and thought leaders on ways to intuitively incorporate technology into work and learning environments. This leadership in turn inspired the formation of strategic partnerships with major international brands, a prestigious group of worldwide innovators who support and push further our thinkings and findings.

Bretford continues to rework and reimagine, so we can stay agile, too, and build product that’s long-lasting and forward-thinking enough to support today’s mobile needs and technology’s inevitable next wave.