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Sometimes a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the answer. That’s where our Bretford Custom Solutions (BCS) team can help. Our BCS team can modify our existing products to create a unique solution, designed around your needs.

Custom Built Cart

Need a custom built solution?
We can provide that.

Working closely with our BCS team, we will look at the scope of your project needs and requirements to design a custom solution. Our BCS team is here to walk through the process every step of the way.

Need to leverage new technology?
We’ve done that.

A large health care technology integrator wanted to provide a charging solution for hand-held devices used by nurses in a health care setting. Our customer needed two solutions, a wall mounted cabinet for 8 hand-held devices, and a high capacity mobile solution for 30+ devices. Our BCS team was able to modify existing products to create two new unique solutions.

Need a custom color or branded solution?
We can do that.

Adding custom paint colors, business and school logos is something that can be done through BCS. Many of our K-12 and enterprise customers add custom branding to their store and charge products to create custom designed solutions.

Dremel 3D Printer Cart

What are the next steps?

Take a few moments to fill out this BCS request form. A member of our BCS team will review your project request and contact you to discuss your individual BCS project needs.

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Companies We've Worked With

Alum Rock Unified School Disctrict needed a charging cart for 38 devices that were slightly larger than our highest capacity cart could support.

We modified our NETBOOK42-CT to create an additional 2" of storage space for the devices by moving interior elements. The result was a 38 unit cart that fit their chosen device.

American Metalcraft wanted to offer store & charge solutions for electric heating elements used by catering companies. Needed to provide power and security using a mobile cart for 20 devices and a wall mountable station for 8 devices.

We modified our Pulse S Cart and PureCharge Station to include wider slot dimensions to accommodate devices with the addition of corporate branding.

BBVA wanted 78" high mobile whiteboards to provide both a functional collaboration tool as well as privacy in shared space.

We modified our standard Here Mobile Board to be 5" taller to meet desired height.

Bosch wanted to provide Dremel with a custom cart to support a 3D printer designed for use in 3rd - 12th grade classrooms.

The CA2642 AV Cart provided the right platform for holding the printer. It was optimized by adding a power strip and grommets, a pull out laptop shelf, and containers for storing raw materials and completed prints.

Cerner wanted to provide charging solutions for handheld devices used by nurses. Cart and wall-mounted stations needed to provide power, security and easy access to devices.

Modified existing products to provide a cart with three pull out shelves, additional power and custom wire management as well as two different wall-mountable charging stations to accommodate varying capacity and mounting requirements.

Los Angeles Unified School District wanted to secure and charge 36 iPads while allowing easy removal and return of devices by students.

This project required a brand new design. Internal and external elements were built to create a safe, secure top loading design controlled by gas cylinders. Additional design was completed to support Chromebooks adding power management in the form of a digital timer.

New York Board of Elections needed charging solutions for mobile devices used at voting locations.

We combined elements from two existing carts to create a charging solution for devices and Wi-Fi hotspots. The cart stored and charged 40 devices in pull out drawers similar to our PowerSync Cart for iPod in the compact footprint of our Core M Cart.

Victor Elementary was looking for a 36 unit cart with a 12’ power cord but also wanted plastic dividers and rubber mats on the shelves to help protect the devices.

We modified the shelves in our NETBOOK36 to accept plastic dividers from our Pulse carts and designed rubber mats that fit between each divider.

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