1:1 Classroom Device Management

1:1 Device Management Solutions

Focus on enhanced interaction and a more personalized approach to student learning.

Explore solutions made specifically for the 1:1 student device model. 

1:1 Device Management Solutions

Manage Life’s “Oops” Moments

CUBE Micro Station® 10 & 16

Be prepared with loaner devices stored in the classroom for use during school hours. After all, 30% of students come to school without a fully charged device.

The Learning Should Never Stop

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CUBE Tower™

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Learning shouldn’t have to stop because a student has to charge their device. Invest in a solution that conveniently brings the outlets to student desks.

I.T. has Never Been this Fast

TechGuard Connect® Locker

TechGuard Connect® 10-Bay Locker

It happens: devices break. What matters is what happens next.

Quickly managing break/fix programs and issuing loaner devices on demand dramatically improves the halted learning timeline. Be prepared.

TechGuard Connect® 10-Bay Locker

1:1 Device Management Solutions

School districts have turned to 1:1 device usage for a more personalized approach to student learning. With that comes new challenges to ensure no student learning loss. 


CUBE Miro Station®

Compact Footprint

Perfect for the counter or mount it to the wall.

10, 16 Devices

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CUBE Micro Station Website

CUBE Micro Station® Pre-Wired


Comes fully assembled with either 10 or 16 wires.

10, 16 Devices

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CUBE Tower™

Active Charging

Convenient access to 8 AC outlets everywhere.

8 AC Outlets

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TechGuard Connect® 10-Bay Locker

TechGuard Connect®

Fully Configurable

Choose your power and connectivity options.

5, 10 Bays

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Increase Productivity. Leverage Digital Learning. Maximize Classroom Time.

Why Bretford?

Best Warranty

Electrical and mechanical 7-year, no-nonsense warranty.


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USA Based

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Attentive and knowledgeable staff ready to quickly assist you.


Attentive and knowledgeable staff ready to quickly assist you.

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