Bretford UL 60950-1 Safety Certification

Understanding UL 60950-1

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) safety standard for Information Technology Equipment (ITE) is UL 60950-1. This standard specifies requirements intended to reduce risks of fire, electric shock or injury for the user who may come into contact with the equipment. Bretford Store & Charge products fit squarely within the standard’s target requirements.

The UL 60950-1 standard is applicable to ITE designed for use as telecommunication terminal equipment and network infrastructure equipment, regardless of the source of power. The UL 60950-1 standard and tests take into account not only normal operating conditions of the equipment, but also likely fault conditions, consequential faults, foreseeable misuse and external influences such as temperature, altitude, pollution, moisture, as well as over voltages on a main supply, telecom network or cable network.

The UL 60950-1 standard is also applicable to components and sub-assemblies such as power supplies, power strips and timers intended for incorporation in ITE. It is not expected that such components and sub-assemblies comply with every aspect of the standard, provided that the complete ITE, incorporating such components and sub-assemblies, fully complies with the standard.