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First of its Kind Portable Charging Solution Brings Safe Power to the Entire Room without the Need for a Retrofit.

Published | Tue, May 22, 2018

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This intuitive product will make a major difference, enabling schools, businesses and individuals to keep up with the power demands of the mobile device driven world we live in.

Introduced at CES 2018, Bretford’s Juice® Mobile Power – the world’s first mobile Active Charging™ solution – is now available to order and ship. A game changer for IT and facility managers, Juice Mobile Power brings safe, DC power from one outlet to the entire room via a flexible, mobile system. With its built-in FLI Charge safety technology, Juice Mobile Power has received Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and ETL certification ahead of its debut.

“Juice Mobile Power delivers power throughout the room, allowing greater flexibility for people to charge their mobile devices,” said Chris Petrick, CEO of Bretford. “This intuitive product will make a major difference, enabling schools, businesses and individuals to keep up with the power demands of the mobile device driven world we live in.”

Juice Mobile Power eliminates the tangled web of non-compliant, overloaded extensions cords by delivering a safe, flexible way to turn a single wall outlet into a power source for the entire classroom or office, at a fraction of the cost of a retrofit. Through its FLI Charge safety technology, Juice Mobile Power smartly detects foreign objects and instantly power down to ensure safety, powering up once the object has been removed from the powered surface. The software for the safety circuit has been certified under ETL, which covers the safe operations of embedded safety controls. Juice Mobile Power has also undergone all required FCC testing.

“The interest in Juice Mobile Power has been overwhelming,” Petrick said. “Receiving FCC and ETL certification further solidifies this product’s ability to change the way power is delivered at an infrastructure level.”

To learn more about Juice Mobile Power, visit www.bretford.com/juice.

About FLI Charge

Based in New York City, FLI Charge is a technology company that designs, develops, manufactures, markets and licenses its proprietary contact based charging and power solution. FLI Charge's surfaces are capable of providing significant amounts of efficient power to charge and/or power multiple devices, each with different power requirements, simultaneously, and at the same specifications as a regular outlet. FLI Charge's technology is compatible with any DC operated device and can be easily integrated at an OEM level. For more information, visit www.FLICharge.com.

About Bretford

Bretford empowers individuals and organizations to achieve their purpose. Today, people spend much of their time managing tools, and not using them to their full potential. Bretford solutions allow teachers to teach students, equip nurses to care for patients, and help innovators to innovate.

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We lead innovation with products that include Charging Carts that allow teachers and students to focus on learning. Our Secure Lockers ensure a safe and productive work environment. Our Juice Mobile Power solution is power anywhere; a flexible and transformative solution to meet all your power needs.