Bretford Connect

Quick Start

The goal of this guide is to help you setup your Bretford Connect Organization, activate your first locker and begin assigning users to lockers.

By the end of this guide, you'll have a basic understanding of Bretford Connect and a solid foundation for managing your TechGuard Connect Lockers moving forward.

  1. Setup Your Organization
  2. Setup Your Admin Roles & Permissions
  3. Invite Your Admin Users
  4. Activate Your First Locker
  5. Add Your First Locker User
  6. Assign Your First Locker User to a Locker

Before You Begin

NOTE: A successful deployment of new infrastructure requires careful pre-planning. Before you begin the Quick Start guide to setup your new TechGuard Connect Locker, please consider the following:

Map out your locker installation.

The map should show locations, zones and the number of lockers at each location. You may need to have conversations with your facilities team regarding electrical and networking equipment locations to guarantee proper operation of each locker.

Set a locker naming convention.

Each locker within your organization will need a name. We recommend a consistent naming convention that makes each locker easier to identify in Bretford Connect logs and views. For instance, a convention that produces names like "Locker-1" is less ideal than one that produces names like "HQ-CAFE-1".

Choose locker managers.

We recommend putting together a list of individuals who will help manage your lockers. Each organization is allowed up to five locker managers (called Admin Users) to access Bretford Connect. Remember, one of these managers was assigned automatically when you signed up for Bretford Connect.


We're always happy to help with any questions you may have! If you need assistance, please contact support or our sales team.

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