CUBE® Micro Station User Guide

Product Overview

About Your CUBE Micro Station

The Bretford CUBE Micro Station provides compact charging for up to 10 devices.


  1. Device Modules - Two (2) removable 5-slot modules for storing devices.
  2. AC Adapter Storage Cover - Located under the Device Modules, the cover is removable and provides easy access to the Adapter Storage Compartment.
  3. Power Outlets/Adapter Storage Compartment - Located below the Removable AC Adapter Storage Cover. This is where AC charging adapters and power cables are stored for your devices.
  4. Power Switch - Turns power on/off for CUBE Micro Station. Controls device charging and power to auxiliary plug.
  5. Courtesy Outlet - Allows you to daisy-chain two (2) CUBE Micro Stations together or can serve as an auxiliary plug for an additional device.
  6. Reversible Front Door - Allows the direction the door opens to be changed from right to left and vice-versa.

Important Information

  • Product ships fully assembled with Wall Mount Adapter attached.
  • Stored devices should not exceed the size of a 14" laptop.
  • Mounting hardware is not included.
  • Vertical stacks shall not exceed two (2) CUBE Micro Stations.
  • Daisy-chain feature not available when mounted to the wall.
  • Devices powered by the Courtesy Outlet are not to exceed 100W.