CUBE® Micro Station User Guide

Mounting CUBE Micro Station


  1. Procure the proper mounting hardware to mount the CUBE Micro to your desired surface: wood studs, cement, cinder block
  2. Ensure the Wall Mount Adapter is secured to the top rear of the CUBE Micro Station. The wall mount adapter comes pre-installed. The adapter is attached via 4 Torx T-25 screws into four pre-drilled holes, with the tabs facing down.
  3. Locate the Mount Locking Screws threaded on the Wall Mount Plate. Remove them and set aside.
  4. With the slot cutouts facing upward, attach the mounting plate, to the wall, ensuring the method can support 220 lb.
  5. Once the mounting plate is secured to the wall, lift the CUBE Micro Station with attached mount adapter and place it onto the mounting plate, allowing the tabs on the adapter to slide securely into the slots of the mounting plate.
  6. Open the front door of the CUBE Micro Station and remove the Device Modules.
  7. Locate the (2) screw holes along the back interior wall of the station.
  8. Using the Mount Locking Screws provided, fasten the CUBE Micro Station to the mounting plate to prevent the station from being lifted off the mounting plate.
  9. Close and lock the front door of the CUBE Micro Station to complete the mounting installation.

Download Mounting Instructions PDF

WARNING - For safety and ease of installation, use a qualified professional to properly install the correct mounting hardware for your specific wall surface. Failure to secure the cabinet properly will void the warranty.

Important Information

  • Mounting hardware not included.
  • Unit has been tested and certified to support up to 220 lb. (100 kg.) when mounted to wood studs.
  • The wall mounting plate is intended to support the cabinet and ten (10) mobile devices (maximum weight of devices w/ chargers not to exceed 50 lb.)
  • Do not place anything on top of the CUBE Micro Station, while mounted on the wall.
  • Only the mounting plate provided with this product should be used to secure it to the wall.
  • Once the front door is locked, the mount locking screws become inaccessible, preventing the cabinet from being removed from the wall.
  • Bretford will not be liable for the improper use or installation of its products.