TechGuard Charging Locker User Guide

TechGuard Charging Locker User Guide



How To Use This Guide

This User Guide is a resource to provide you guidelines and best practices as you begin using your new Bretford product. It is divided into the following Sections:

  • About Your Product - General information about your new Bretford product. It includes details such as product specifications and what will arrive inside the box.
  • Product Setup - Information regarding the installation of your product including tools and setup instructions required to begin using new product as quickly as possible.
  • Using Your Product - A collection of articles, photos and videos showing how to use your Bretford product.
  • Important Information - Information regarding safe use, special certifications and regulatory details for your Bretford product.
  • Additional Resources - Information regarding how to contact and receive support for your Bretford product.

If you have questions regarding a topic not covered in this User Guide, please contact our Customer Care team.