TechGuard Charging Locker User Guide

Before You Begin

Important Safety Notice

Each TechGuard Charging Locker 10-Bay unit includes a floor mounting kit and wall anchor. The equipment is to be secured to the building structure before operation.

Additional safety information can be found in the Safety section of this User Guide.

Administration Keycards

Included with the TechGuard Locker are two administration keycards, one (1) access and one (1) reset. These cards only allow access to the TechGuard Locker in which they are included. Please pay close attention to the location of these keycards and keep them in a secure location. For additional information view the Administration Keycard section of this User Guide.

RFID Cards.tif

Product Registration

Please take a few minutes to register your product with Bretford. With registration, you will be able to:

  • Order additional sets of administration cards. (One additional set of administration cards is available at no cost with product registration.)
  • Order mounting hardware for 1-bay and 5-bay models.
  • Receive product updates and support.