TechGuard Charging Locker User Guide

Administration Keycards

Access Keycard

The Access Card will open a bay but keep the current unlock code, allowing facilities personnel to inspect contents of an in-use locker.

Reset Keycard

The Reset Card will open a bay and reset the current unlock code, in the event of a forgotten code.

RFID Cards.tif

Using An Administration Keycard

  1. Hold the appropriate card up to the keypad next to the locker bay you wish to access or reset.
  2. The keypad will unlock and respond with an audible confirmation.

Important Keycard Information

  • Each TechGuard locker includes two administration keycards, one (1) access and one (1) reset.
  • Each pair of cards will only allow access to the TechGuard Locker in which they are included. They cannot be shared with multiple 1-Bay, 5-Bay or 10-Bay units.
  • Always keep your keycards in a secure location.