TechGuard Charging Locker User Guide

Understanding the Keypad and LEDs

The Digital Keypad

To the left of each TechGuard Locker bay, you'll find the digital keypad. Each keypad offers buttons 0-9, a Lock button and an Unlock button.

The Lock button and Unlock buttons also include LEDs to indicate the current status of an individual bay.


The Unlock Button LED

  • The Unlock LED will illuminate solid green when it is available for use.
  • The Unlock button's LED will continue to blink for sixty (60) seconds after being pressed or until locked with a four-digit code.
  • When Locked, while entering a four-digit code, the corners of the Unlock LED will illuminate green as each number is pressed.

The Lock Button LED

  • While entering a four-digit code to lock a bay, the corners of the Lock LED will illuminate red as each number is pressed.
  • After entering a four-digit code, the Lock LED will blink red until the Lock button is pressed to register the code and lock the bay.
  • The Lock LED will illuminate solid red when devices are locked in a bay.