TechGuard Charging Locker User Guide


Safe Use Instructions

  • To Reduce the Risk of Electric Shock - User Only Indoors.
  • WARNING: The equipment is to be secured to the building structure before operation. (TechGuard Charging Locker 10-Bay Unit only)
  • The socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible.
  • The appliance inlet or power strip is used as the disconnect device, the disconnect device must remain readily operable.
  • Elevated Operating Ambient - Consideration should be given to installing the equipment in an environment compatible with the maximum ambient temperature (Tma) of 40°C.
  • Reduced Air Flow - Do not block the ventilation openings so proper air flow required for safe operation of the equipment is not compromised.
  • Mechanical Loading - Mounting of the equipment in the locker should be such that a hazardous condition is not achieved due to uneven mechanical loading.

Installation Recommendations

  • For added safety and ease of installation, use a qualified professional to properly install the correct hardware. Failure to secure the unit properly will void the warranty.
  • Only use the region specific power cable provided with your TechGuard Locker.
  • Never connect your TechGuard Locker to an extension cord or external surge protector.