EVER Cart User Guide

Product Overview

About your new EVER Cart with MiX Module System

EVER Cart™ has the unique ability to be updated rather than replaced like traditional charging carts and a single EVER Cart can support USB and AC powered devices instead of having multiple carts to charge tablets and laptops separately.



  1. Double-Hinge Doors - Unique 270 hinges allow the front doors to fold back against the cabinet, and out of the way.
  2. Directional Locking Casters - Maximum control, while ensuring easy mobility through your facility with directional locking casters.
  3. Power Cord - Power all your devices from one 15 A circuit. When not in use, power cord wraps around cord minder for easy transport.
  4. Power Switch - Power switch, located in the Power Cord Shroud.
  5. Door Lock Shroud - Inset design protects the padlock and handle during transport.
  6. Durable Top - The durable top provides a soft, skid-resistant platform for objects weighing a combined 25 lbs. or less.
  7. Cord-Pass Thru - Allows devices to be powered on top of the cart, while their power cords are plugged inside the cart.



  1. Rear Security Panel - Securely held in place with security bolts. Panel easily lifts off to expose the back of the cart, where the adapters and cord sets are kept in cable bins.


MiX Module

Unlike any other carts, carts with the MiX Module System offer longevity. As devices become obsolete, there’s no need to replace the cart. Simply swap out a MiX Module to support the latest devices.

  1. Slot Numbering Bar - The slot numbering bar allows for device organization and management.
  2. Adjustable Slots - Adjust from 1 to 1.25 to 1.5 inches, increasing and decreasing shelf capacity from 15 devices to 10 devices.
  3. Hanging Dividers - Hanging shelves allow for easy reconfiguration, and support learning devices from the top.