EVER Cart User Guide

Reinserting the MiX Module



  1. From the rear of the cart, using the built-in handles, carefully set the MiX module into the cart.
  2. Plug-in the power cord and CAT6 cable back into the MiX module.
  3. Gently slide the MiX module along the shelf until it slips into position.
  4. From the front of the cart, reach in under the MiX Module dividers and slide the left and right locking tabs toward the cart’s side wall to lock the MiX Module to the shelf.
  5. Confirm the shelf is locked by trying to gently slide the module along the shelf. If the module moves, unlock the tabs, reposition the module and try again.
  6. Repeat for any additional MiX modules.
  7. When ready, lift the back panel onto the chassis at the rear of the cart.
  8. Screw the two security screws to secure the back panel to the chassis.