EVER Cart User Guide

Removing the MiX Module



  1. Remove devices from the front of the cart and place them in a safe location, away from harm.
  2. From the front of the cart, reach in under the MiX Module dividers and slide the left and right locking tabs away from the cart’s interior side wall to release the MiX Module from the shelf.
  3. From the rear of the cart, unscrew the two security screws holding the back panel to the chassis.
  4. Lift the back panel off of the chassis to expose the rear of the MiX modules.
  5. Unplug the power cord and CAT6 cable from the cart. The MiX module is now ready to be lifted out of the cart.
  6. Using the built-in handles, lift the MiX module out of the cart and set it on a work surface.