EVER Cart User Guide


Safe Use Instructions

WARNING: Relocating audio and/or video devices to a cart not specifically designed to support audio and/or video devices may result in death or serious injury.
WARNING: Death or serious injury may occur when the cart is climbed on.
WARNING: This cart is not intended to hold items on the top surface. Do not place items weighing more than a combined 8 pounds on the top of cart to avoid damage.

  • The socket outlet shall be installed near the cart and shall be easily assessable.
  • Make sure all devices do not exceed the maximum load rating of 12Amps.
  • Power strips inside cart are intended only for charging compatible devices. Any other use may cause overload.
  • Do not move cart by pulling the power cord. Before moving cart from one room to the next, wrap power cord around the cord winder located on the side of the cart.
  • Do not plug the cart in if the switch, receptacle(s), or power cord has been damaged. Contact Bretford Customer Care or a qualified electrician before attempting to make any type of electrical repair or parts replacement.
  • Engage locking casters when cart is not in transit.
  • Do not block ventilation holes on cart. Proper air flow is required for safe operation.
  • Cart is not designed to be operated by a child or student.
  • Adult operation and supervision is recommended at all times.
  • Liquids should not be stored in, set on or placed inside the cart.
  • Only clean the surfaces of cart with soft dry cloth.
  • Do not use liquid, spray or abrasive cleansers.
  • Use only disinfecting wipes containing no bleach.
  • For indoor use only.
  • Up to 36 devices may be charged at one time.
  • Turn power switch off before plugging-in devices and unplugging cart.
  • Do not pull the cart. Always push cart using the handles.
  • Use extra caution on ramps and thresholds.
  • Do not plug in the power cord into an extension cord.
  • Ensure casters are in the locked position before opening cart doors.
  • Do now allow children under 16 to move the cart.
  • Move the cart slowly.
  • Apply moving force on the narrow dimensions.
  • Push cart using the handles.
  • Do not pull cart.
  • Engage the directional lock casters when moving the cart for added stability and safety.