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Medical staff are pushing the boundaries of mobile device utility daily. By 2022, nearly all care providers will be using mobile technology in patient care.


of nurses and doctors will be using mobile devices by 2022.


cited improved quality of patient care when mobile technology is deployed.


of hospitals surveyed, reported a reduction in administrative errors.


in revenue is lost with each breach.

With the increase in mobility and added risk of data breach, device security has become paramount in every step of the patient experience, from intake to medical record keeping.

Increase productivity and reduce costs.

Bretford solutions help health care facilities experience a 16X ROI related to nurse and doctor productivity by reducing downtime, leading to improved patient care.

Bretford charging stations trays

Charging Stations & Trays

Charge and store up to 20 mobile devices in a compact footprint. Trays can be daisy-chained for even larger device capacity charging from one wall outlet while stations can be stacked or wall mounted. Stations and trays deliver on-demand charging needs, providing power based on the connected devices’ requirements.

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Bretford charging lockers

Charging Lockers

Manage Your Assets. Simplify Your Deployments. And Take Charge. Reduce costly deployments, increase productivty and understand usage patterns. In conjunction with our cloud-based asset management software, this dynamic agile locker solution delivers provisioning, charging, security and management of electronic devices.

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Bretford juice mobile power

Juice Mobile Power

Reach your full potential by outfitting your space with the latest power innovation from Bretford. Juice Mobile Power is our Active Charging solution that provides power to an entire space from one traditional outlet.

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