MobilePro® Desk Mount

The MobilePro Desk Mount lets you raise, lower and position your Mac display exactly where you want it.


This universal design features a no-tension adjustment system for maximum safety and support of your Apple hardware. And it's all backed up by a 12-year Bretford warranty.

Far Reaching Support - The MobilePro Desk Mount provides up to 12 inches of vertical and horizontal travel to let you position your Display in your optimal position.

Portrait to Landscape - The MobilePro Desk Mount allows you to rotate your display 360 degrees, giving you the ability to easily switch your monitor from landscape to portrait, or lock it down in either position.

Organized Cable Clips - The MobilePro Desk Mount has four adjustable cable clips, allowing you to capture and organize your power, video, and USB cables, and keep them off your workspace.

Long Term Comfort - The MobilePro Desk Mount has up to 12-inches of travel, giving you plenty of room to adjust your Apple display for a comfortable and ergonomic workspace.

Models & Specifications

Model Description MSRP
TY173BG1 MobilePro Desk Mount $299.95
TY174BG1 MobilePro Desk Mount Combo $499.95

Color Availability

Standard Colors