AV Carts

Since 1957, Bretford has been making durable, safe carts to support technology. Bretford offers a variety of carts with unique features, such as pull-out shelves and lockable cabinets, to assure you're getting the smartest, safest solution that makes learning and teaching easier.

3D Printer Cart, CD263D, Left, With Printer
3D Printer Cart
Easily transport and share printing equipment around the school with the 3D Printer Cart from Bretford.
Adjustable Height Carts
Ideal for holding multimedia technology equipment. Easily move media around open offices, presentation rooms, lecture...
EXPLORE Presentation Shuttle, Alone
EXPLORE® Presentation Shuttle
A key element in today’s classroom? Adaptability. The platform of this mobile presentation shuttle easily adjusts fro...
Flat Panel Carts, FP42MUL
Flat Panel Carts
These carts are designed to be mobile, safe, and versatile so they work with a variety of flat panel monitors. They m...
Flat Panel Carts, FPPC72
Flat Panel Designer Cart
These flat panel carts feature a high design aesthetic and are designed for use with oversized flat panel monitors up...
PAL Cart
Presenter Assistant for Learning (PAL) Cart
Compact presentation cart stores a data projector, document camera and DVD player. Includes rails for 19" rack mounte...
Printer Cart, C15
Printer Carts
Bretford's FC2020 cart features a welded cabinet and a fixed, full-width interior shelf. The C15 cart is perfect with...
Projector Carts, ECILS1
Projector Carts
These carts feature pull-out shelves and hold projectors, laptop, document camera, audio equipment and more. Ideal f...
Technology Cart, TC15
Technology Carts
Carts feature two pull-out shelves that accommodate a laptop and projector while the top shelf supports a document ca...