Captivating an audience. This isn’t easy whether you’re in a corporate office or a classroom. At minimum, you need the right support - technology at your fingertips, tools that encourage audience interaction, mobility to adapt to a changing environment.

EXPLORE Interactive Media Station
EXPLORE® Interactive Media Station
Built from the backbone of our existing interactive whiteboard, the Interactive Media Station provides the same ease ...
EXPLORE Interactive Whiteboard, Youth Height
EXPLORE® Interactive Whiteboard
Collaboration anywhere, anytime. The mobile whiteboard is designed for interactive ultra short throw projectors and o...
EXPLORE Presentation Shuttle, Alone
EXPLORE® Presentation Shuttle
A key element in today’s classroom? Adaptability. The platform of this mobile presentation shuttle easily adjusts fro...
PAL Cart
Presenter Assistant for Learning (PAL) Cart
Compact presentation cart stores a data projector, document camera and DVD player. Includes rails for 19" rack mounte...