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With today's mobile devices, anyone can find and share nearly anything from almost anywhere. The convergence of information and communication technologies into multifunctional smart devices is a radical shift that has transformed how, when and with whom we communicate. Smartphones are now an integral part of working and learning that forever changes the traditional model of sharing ideas through a defined stationary experience.

Let us help you find the perfect locker, cart, or station to fit your technology needs.

TechGuard Connect Locker Stack With RFID
New TechGuard Connect®
The smart, connected charging solution from Bretford that provides your team a centralized management platform to man...
Core 10S, Ice White
Core® 10S
The Bretford solution for any working or learning environment where multiple tablets, e-readers and smart phones are ...
Core® M Carts
Designed to accommodate smaller mobile devices, Core M series carts feature 24 and 36-unit device storage capacities ...
CoreX, Front Closed
Core® X Cart
Designed to accommodate larger mobile devices, the CoreX Cart features adjustable slot dividers and our most innovati...
CUBE Cart Mini, Side View, Open Front, Chromebook
CUBE® Cart Mini
A no-frills, budget-friendly solution for charging up to 20-devices in a compact footprint so small we call it mini. ...
EVER Cart 45 Front with Chromebooks
Future-proof. EVER Cart™ with MiX Module System® has the unique ability to be updated rather than replaced like tradi...
PowerSync D20
PowerSync D20®
Bring the deployment station to the users, and offer the latest settings for your organization, or setup a deployment...
TechGuard Charging Locker, 5-Bay
TechGuard Charging Lockers
Providing an on-demand charging experience as easy as 1-2-3-4 .

In the continued pursuit of providing safety, quality and consistency in manufacturing, the entire Store and Charge line-up is certified to UL 60950-1 and manufactured in the U.S.

Let us help you find the perfect locker, cart, or station to fit your technology needs.

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