For Laptops

Bretford's Laptop Carts make bringing the computer lab to the classroom convenient. Our Laptop Carts can be easily moved between rooms and shared among classes, and when not in use, the units lock to protect your valuable computer equipment.

CUBE Micro Station, Front, Open
New CUBE Micro Station
Introducing CUBE Micro Station, the newest member of our no-frills, budget-friendly line-up of carts, stations and t...
CUBE Micro Tray, Charcoal
New CUBE Micro Tray
Introducing CUBE Micro Tray, the newest member of our no-frills, budget-friendly line-up of carts, stations and tray...
TechGuard Connect Locker Stack With RFID
New TechGuard Connect®
The smart, connected charging solution from Bretford that provides your team a centralized management platform to man...
Core® M Carts
Designed to accommodate smaller mobile devices, Core M series carts feature 24 and 36-unit device storage capacities ...
CoreX, Front Closed
Core® X Cart
Designed to accommodate larger mobile devices, the CoreX Cart features adjustable slot dividers and our most innovati...
CUBE Cart, Colors
Available in a variety of fun, unique colors, the CUBE™ Cart from Bretford is our simplest, most affordable, no-frill...
CUBE Cart Mini, Side View, Open Front, Chromebook
CUBE Cart Mini
A no-frills, budget-friendly solution for charging up to 20-devices in a compact footprint so small we call it mini. ...
EVER Cart 45 Front with Chromebooks
Future-proof. EVER Cart™ with MiX Module System® has the unique ability to be updated rather than replaced like tradi...
Link L Carts, 20-Unit
Link® L Carts
Equipped with ethernet cables and two fans, as well as dedicated space for a 19" rack-mounted network switch, these c...
Mobility MiX Cart 45, HKPY2LL/A
Mobility MiX® Cart
The new Mobility MiX Cart provides secure charging and transport for MacBook or iPad devices. Unlike other charging c...
Pulse L Carts, 20-Unit Open
Pulse® L Carts
Bretford Pulse® L carts support today's ever-changing working and learning environments. Designed for laptops and ult...
TechGuard Charging Locker, 5-Bay
TechGuard Charging Lockers
Providing an on-demand charging experience as easy as 1-2-3-4 .
Toploader Cart, Top, Open, Propped
Toploader Cart
Raise the roof to the newest product in the Bretford line-up, the Bretford Toploader Cart. Purpose-built with multipl...

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