The Academies at Jonesboro High School

The mission of The Academies at Jonesboro High School in Jonesboro, Arkansas is to provide a high quality, research-based education for all students in order to equip them with the essential skills necessary to be successful in today’s changing global community. Through strong partnerships with business and community stakeholders, the Academies at Jonesboro High School ensures high achievement in all subjects through an expanded curriculum and the use of data-driven methods to evaluate and implement proven instructional strategies.

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The Dilemma

The Academies at Jonesboro High School is the largest school in the area with approximately 1,200 students. It features an active learning environment that is mostly project-based and group-focused. It also has a strong AP program and offers students many sports and extracurricular activities.

As part of the school’s learning initiative, each student at Jonesboro uses a MacBook Air device for schoolwork. But because Jonesboro is located in a low-income, urban area, there were concerns with theft and security of the MacBooks outside of school. Some students expressed concern about bringing the devices home.

At the same time, the school infrastructure was outdated and didn’t have the electrical outlets needed to charge the devices. Jonesboro students and faculty needed a place to safely store and charge the MacBooks both during and outside school hours.


The Answer

During ISTE 2015, Bretford® received the “Best of Show” award for its TechGuard™ Charging Lockers. The Jonesboro team had a concept in mind that was very similar and when they saw the Bretford lockers at this show, they realized that no others compared.

TechGuard Lockers provide a personal charging experience for storing, securing, and charging individual laptops, tablets, and phones. Each locker is equipped to hold a 15.5-inch laptop, 10- inch tablet, and phone, with the ability to charge them all at once regardless of the brand. Each TechGuard Locker bay provides complete control over device security–Jonesboro students can simply set a personalized four-digit code using the digital keypad and walk away.

A row of traditional school lockers replaced with 250 TechGuard Charging Lockers. All students received simple instructions on how to operate the lockers and then they were made available for use on a first-come first-served basis.

Return on Investment

During the school year, the TechGuard Charging Lockers are used primarily during the lunch hour, but many students also use them before and after school when they are there for athletics and other activities. Some students keep their MacBooks in the TechGuard lockers overnight if they are uncomfortable bringing them home. The students using the lockers report that they feel more prepared because their MacBook is always charged and ready for use. Others claim the lockers are a secure place to store their MacBooks when they are not in school.

Additionally, the IT department uses the TechGuard Lockers throughout the summer months to charge the MacBooks while they are being cleared and reloaded for the incoming students. The TechGuard Lockers have begun to replace traditional lockers at Jonesboro and this is expected to continue. In fact, a plan is in place to add another 250 TechGuard Lockers near the media center to accommodate their increasing use and popularity.

About Bretford

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