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Outlet Problem Solved With Zero Infrastructure Costs

Michigan school's comprehensive learning space powered by Bretford's Juice Mobile Power

University Liggett School

Grosse Point Woods, MI


Juice Mobile Power delivers active charging of electronic devices, eliminates the need for costly electrical infrastructure upgrades & construction downtime and supports thousands of configurations to meet the charging needs of any classroom or innovation space. Juice Mobile Power is the ideal solution in keeping the modern learner powered at all times.


University Liggett’s newly built Knights Forge Innovation Lab is where students use their mobile devices for digital video and design projects. These same devices are used throughout the day in classes so by the time the students enter the Innovation Lab, their device is already running low on battery.

Keeping the devices charged in the Lab is a challenge due to the limited number of wall outlets spread around the room. Additionally, the tables where the students work are located away from the wall outlets and using traditional extension cords and power strips were out of the question as they pose trip hazards.


“Juice Mobile Power immediately solves the issue of limited wall outlets and safely bringing power to mobile devices,” states Nicholas Provenzano, Makerspace Director. “From one outlet in front of the room, we were able to run power through the center of the room and then branch out to the sides of the room, keeping student devices continually charged and powered as they work in the Lab.”

With built-in FLI Charge safety technology, tracks immediately power down when foreign objects are detected. Additionally, the magnetic connection from pod to track is both strong enough to keep devices charged constantly and loose enough for pods to safely break away from the track, mitigating trip hazards.