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3 Easy Steps to Organize Electronic Devices

by Natalie Schlueter & Michelle Koclanis

Workplace device management can be difficult when there are so many devices at play. Without proper organization systems it can see like it is a never ending stress generator. Fortunately, some easy steps can be followed to ensure that devices are properly cared for and organized to maximize workplace efficiency.

Minimize the amount of work you have to do to organize devices with these three easy steps:

Prepare for Electronic Device Storage

Preparing electronic devices for storage will allow for smooth and seamless transitions between shift workers and will minimize the physical footprint of germs or other workplace materials or conditions that can leave traces on devices.

To do this, have handy disinfectant wipes or other forms of antibacterial products to clean all tablets, laptops, and other devices of smudges and other sources of bacteria or debris. Additionally, check cables and ports to be sure they are in good working order.

If you, or the organization, do not want to have employees check ports and cables, allow for a routine in the morning of each working day to check to ensure each cable and port is working. Follow a spreadsheet created by staff to denote any issues with certain ports or cables to efficiently get it checked out. Having a shared spreadsheet will provide the best streamlined communication for all employees involved. After all, charging solutions can only be helpful if they are in good working order.

Choose Proper Electronic Device Storage Options

Organization of devices is not only to create an easy way to have a device tracking system, it also allows for devices to be secure and safe overnight or throughout the day when they are not being utilized. Creating a safe space for electronic devices to be stored, secured, and charged while also maximizing battery life and minimizing cord damage is essential.

Proper storage of your electronic devices will ensure that they’re organized, charged, secured and available when and where you need them. Need mobility? Choose store and charge solutions on wheels, so your devices can be easily transported. Need solutions that provide syncing? Choose carts that offer remote provision and sync options. Need to store many devices? Choose larger carts versus mini options.

It might not seem like a big deal, but the device you choose will have a major impact on how you go about organizing and updating devices at your workplace. If you do not know where to start on your journey to finding the right cart, check out our blog on “7 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Charging Cart.”


Methodize Each Electronic Device Charging Solution

Labeling is important not only for you and your upper management dealing with the inventory of products and devices, but for your employees as well utilizing the devices. Devices can easily be misplaced throughout the organization’s building or placed into the wrong storage solution on accident–especially if you have more than one solution that looks the same.

The carts already have labels for each bay that are numbered based on what device is in which station. You can choose to assign a specific number for each employee that they can move around to different carts or give them a specific number for a specific cart.

If you want to label the charging solutions, there are many different approaches to take specific to Bretford models. Each Bretford cart is made with USA sourced steel and so the entirety of the product is magnetic. This allows for magnets to be easily placed on the cart to differentiate the carts from one another.

Another option is to purchase different colors for each product purchased based on the location and use of the cart. With 16 different color options to choose from, you can decide which carts are colored differently based on their use.

Labeling each charging cart, station, locker and tray will help you and your organization keep track of the devices inside each solution easily. Misplaced electronic devices with drained battery life are not efficient or effective for company growth. Make sure to label your storage solution to easily check on the battery life of each device inside that solution.

Properly organizing, charging and storing electronic devices in the workplace takes some time and effort. Organizing your electronic devices can dramatically improve overall workplace efficiency, increase return on investment and add time to your day. Finding a charging solution to match the needs of your device management strategy will increase the chances of having continuously productive and engaged employees.

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