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About Bretford Connect

The cloud-based portal that provides real-time management for the TechGuard Connect™ Locker. Efficiently manage the users interacting with assets stored and charged within your lockers, all from one intuitive service.


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Built on the power, safety, and reliability of the world’s largest cloud provider, Bretford Connect brings you a dynamic, cloud-based service with the same security infrastructure trusted by millions of leaders at thousands of companies worldwide.

Extra level hardware security. Each TechGuard Connect Locker uses built-in encryption that provides an extra level of hardware security, to help prevent unauthorized access.

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Worry Free. Bretford Connect cloud-based servers are maintained around the clock giving you one less thing to worry about. That reliability means you are able to stay connected to your entire fleet of lockers, at all times, from anywhere.

Bretford Connect doesn’t require dedicated local computers or servers to operate. Each TechGuard Connect Locker uses a standard internet connection to communicate with Bretford Connect, so you are able to remotely access and monitor locker usage from anywhere without a VPN.

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Bretford Connect’s dashboard provides convenient at-a-glance insight into important locker usage data, allowing your organization greater vision into managed assets. Turn your mobile device usage data into actionable information.


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Centrally managed. Bretford Connect is cloud-based, enabling you to manage your entire fleet of lockers from one central management platform.

A platform that grows with you. Bretford Connect allows systems to be expanded to thousands of lockers on a centralized network easily. Add lockers later and remotely update others at any time from anywhere.

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Configure lockers, remotely open or disable bays, and push updates to your entire fleet from a single, centralized interface, from anywhere.


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On-the-Go Management. Bretford Connect is a cloud-based service, so you’re able to take management of your TechGuard Connect Lockers off your network and on the go. Giving your organization greater flexibility and mobility.

Bretford Connect offers a broad array of user management tools, including bulk user import, assignment to specific locker bays, and hierarchical permissions.

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Oversight. Bretford Connect gives you a snapshot into your entire TechGuard Connect Locker fleet.

The platform provides administrators a view into every locker and every asset* touched by users through convenient data logs, providing valuable insight into locker usage.

* Feature unique to hardware with LCD display, running in Check-In/Check-Out mode.

Streamlined User Management. When paired with authentication technology in the TechGuard Connect Locker, Bretford Connect provides an audit trail, streamlining the compliance process and helping IT administrators monitor locker usage.

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Connect records all locker activity, providing administrators with access to a robust audit trail covering bay access, device check-out history, and more.

Cost Savings

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Bretford Connect provides sophisticated locker management with minimal infrastructure and maintenance overhead reducing total cost of ownership.

Over-the-Air Updates.

Tangled wires, portable hard drives and a collection of SD cards are a thing of the past, resulting in dramatically less IT maintenance overhead.

Less Overhead.

Bretford Connect brings you the most powerful, sophisticated platform to manage your TechGuard Connect Locker fleet, so less time and money are spent on maintaining infrastructure.

Cost Savings.

Since you are not hosting the server on your network, your large capital expenditures for server equipment turn into a smaller annual licensing fee.

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