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Keep devices charged and never lose out on learning time with Bretford charging solutions and AV carts.

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Leaders in Charging Solutions for Schools

In the late 90’s we created the first mobile device charging cart. We listened to our customers and heard power management and cord management was needed, so we changed our design to include these unique features. We listened to customers when they advised we should adhere to a nationally recognized safety standard. So, we worked with UL to ensure all our products were listed to 60950-1 standard – another first in the industry. Bretford has a long history of forward thinking by listening intently to our customers and investing in research & development that ensures we design and build best- in- class products offerings.

From charging carts to charging stations for classrooms, Bretford continues to offer the K-12 community the largest line-up of technology support solutions in the industry.

Bretford Charging Towers k12 Industry

Charging Towers

Bring convenient access to power and never miss out on learning.
We offer pre-wired options for greater convenience

Bretford Pre wired charging carts k12 industry

Pre-Wired Charging Carts

Charging carts are an investment in your budget, in your students,
and in your productivity.

Bretford pre wired charging stations k12 industry

Pre-Wired Charging Stations

Compact Yet Powerful Charging Stations for Multiple Devices

bretford av carts stands k12 industry

AV Carts and Stands

Safely store, transport and power your classroom presentation technology with our AV carts and stands.

Empowering Education

Bretford's Charging Solutions Pave the Way for K-12 Education Advancement

"Organizing the return of hundreds of student mobile devices is not easy, but Bretford's CUBE Transport Cart provided a safe and effective way to collect, organize and manage devices." - Jen Koclanis

Unlock the secret to stress-free school tech prep! Join Gina Zebron, Technology Coordinator, as she shares how Bretford provided a solution at St. James School for 400 new student iPad devices.

Trusted for Decades

 Leaders in Charging Solutions for Schools

Discover How K-12 Schools Benefit from Bretford Charging Solutions

three children studying with their laptops on a table in a classroom
"We are impressed with the seamless deployment of Bretford's CUBE Carts in our school district. The 23,000 Dell Chromebooks needed a robust solution for secure charging and management, and the CUBE Cart exceeded our expectations.The vibrant Pacific Blue and Tangerine finishes added a pop of color to our learning spaces.

Thanks to Bretford's Customer Service team, the 642 carts were delivered in manageable shipments over a month, preventing any storage issues and allowing our IT department to implement them at a manageable pace."
Eastern US School District
“Deployed in every classroom, the CUBE Tower™ adapts seamlessly to our classroom setups, enhancing the learning experience for our students.”

"We faced a challenge ensuring all students' devices were charged for a full day of learning in our 1:1 take-home model. With the CUBE Tower™ Pre-Wired, we can actively charge student devices with USB-C power adapters permanently attached, eliminating the need for students to bring chargers to school. We deployed one unit into each classroom in the district where they are being used between an island of desks and rolled out to student’s desks as needed."
Duval County Public Schools
Jim Culbert
Chief Information Officer, Duval County Public Schools
A Bretford CUBE Tower Pre-Wired USB-C charging tower between a group of desks

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Charging Solutions for Schools

Learn more about charging stations and more for schools.

We introduced the very first mobile device charging cart in the late 90s, this pioneering spirit remains at the core of who we are today. 


Now, schools choose Bretford mobile device charging solutions for a multitude of reasons.


We make it a priority to actively listen to our customer's needs and opinions, additionally, we also invest heavily in research and development, and as a result, our products have become the best in class.


We offer a wide range of charging products for schools, and our solutions not only come in a wide range of colors, but we also offer the possibility of incorporating school logos, enhancing the sense of identity and professionalism. 


Our charging stations for schools are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, ensuring exceptional quality and fast delivery.

And when it comes to ensuring peace of mind, we stand strong. Our 7-year "no-nonsense" warranty is a testament to our confidence in the durability and reliability of our products. It's exactly as it sounds – no hidden fees, complex legal jargon, or loopholes – just a straightforward commitment to address any electrical or mechanical issues that may arise.


In essence, schools choose Bretford because we aren't just a company; we're a partner in educational innovation, consistently striving to provide the very best solutions for charging and supporting devices in today’s dynamic learning environment.

We have found that a staggering 92% of educators have problems accessing power in their classrooms, while 67% of facility managers struggle to supply adequate power to classrooms. Our charging products provide a direct solution to these issues, changing the way devices are powered, secured, and managed in schools.


Our charging carts and charging stations have an impressive capacity for storing mobile devices such as chromebooks, tablets, and ipads, additionally, our solutions recharge devices quickly and safely while being powered by a single power outlet. 


These combined features ensure that devices are ready for use in the shortest possible time, allowing classroom activities to continue uninterrupted. Our charging carts are also designed for immediate use right out of the box, facilitating hassle-free setup.


We have helped one of the largest school districts in the United States, by providing them with solutions for charging and securing approximately 23,000 chromebooks in 341 schools. This achievement is an example of how our solutions can adapt to the needs of even the largest educational environments.

We understand the concerns surrounding charging carts and stations and their potential safety hazards if not constructed and certified properly, that’s why our entire line of products, including our charging stations for classrooms, has been rigorously certified to meet the UL 60950-1 safety standard. 

This certification provides organizations with a reliable benchmark for creating a risk-free environment for both employees and users.

In Bretford charging lockers, you have the flexibility to securely store and charge a wide range of devices. Whether you need to store and charge tablets, chromebooks, laptops, or Apple devices, our lockers are designed to accommodate your preferred device type.

We offer lockers in both 10-bay and 5-bay configurations, ensuring that you have options to match your specific needs. Each locker bay is equipped with a dedicated AC outlet, so you can use the original power adapter of each device.

Moreover, our lockers are fully configurable, offering you the opportunity to customize the hardware configuration according to your specific requirements.

We offer a comprehensive range of charging solutions tailored for schools. Our lineup includes:


  • Charging Carts: These secure carts allow you to charge multiple devices with the added convenience of industrial-grade wheels for easy mobility. With our charging carts, you can charge from 16 to 45 devices at the same time.
  • Charging Stations: Ideal for countertops or wall mounting, a tablet charging station for schools offers an organized way to charge multiple devices at once.
  • Charging Lockers: Our charging lockers combine charging capabilities in each bay with keyless access control, ensuring convenience, security, and efficient charging.
  • AV Carts and Stands: We provide a variety of carts and stands designed for safely transporting AV equipment. These include adjustable height carts, and tv carts.
  • Charging Towers: Our mobile charging towers enable students to charge their devices anywhere in the classroom, promoting a flexible and engaging learning environment. Our charging towers can charge up to 8 devices at the same time.

At Bretford, we have a long-standing commitment to innovation and understanding the evolving needs of educational institutions. Our charging solutions are designed to enhance the learning experience by ensuring devices are always ready for use and securely stored when not in use.

Yes, at Bretford we provide charging stations and charging carts for Apple devices. 

These include our PureCharge Station, one of our charging stations for classrooms with a compact design that can store up to 10 or 20 devices, and our PureCharge Cart which provides high security, mobility and can store up to 20 or 40 Apple devices.

Our TV carts are constructed using high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. We use USA-sourced steel as the primary material for our carts.

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