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The modern retail landscape is becoming a haven of mobile devices. 89% of retailers plan to deploy mobile POS solutions by 2022, and those that already have are seeing 42% higher sales than their non-mobile competitors. In fact, the total mobile POS transaction value in 2020 is already over $1 trillion, and that is expected to double by 2023. The challenge becomes how to keep those now-critical mobile devices charged and provisioned shift-after-shift?

Bretford facilitates a mobile-ready retail reality. From industry-leading charging PowerSync Pro™ Smart Hubs that support mobile workflow management to employee workplace lockers, and a broad line-up of solutions that are optimized for iOS devices, Bretford is at the forefront of retail mobile charging solutions. We keep your mobile device investment safe and charged during, between, and after shifts.

Our Impact

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of businesses say mobile devices are essential to their workflows.

Source: Wired

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of devices break or go missing each year after deployment.

Source: SMS Group 

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of devices costs could be saved through appropriate device control.

Source: Wandera

Our Products

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Charging Carts

A variety of safe secure and charge solutions for up to 45 mobile devices.

Charging Stations & Smart Hubs

Small footprint solutions to store, charge, and sync mobile devices.

Charging Lockers

Secure, charge and provision mobile devices with remote management ability.

Need a solution for your Apple device?

Store, Charge and Sync solutions for iPad, and Mac devices.
Check out our complete line-up of products optimized for Apple.

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