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Made for Apple Devices
iPad Charging Stations & Carts

At Bretford, we provide solutions that allow you to charge, store, sync, and provision your mobile devices more efficiently. Our products include iPad charging stations and carts. Some of our solutions are also compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Bretford PureCharge Cart, side view, open
Home Solutions Made For Apple Devices

Bretford designed and built the first ever mobile charging cart for Apple. 25 years later, we continue to release products that are game-changers. Experience seamless integrations, thoughtful designs, and efficient uses with our innovative iPad charging carts and stations.

Our made for Apple solutions marry functionality and technology, providing design features with iOS devices in mind. From pre-wired right-angle power cords to bulk device syncing capabilities and LED charging indicator lights, our solutions are designed to optimize time and provide assurance of a secure charge.

Store & Charge

PureCharge Station®

Bretford PureCharge Station, side view, open

Compact Design

Perfect for counter or wall mount.

10, 20 Devices

iPad & iPhone

PureCharge Cart®

Bretford PureCharge Cart, side view

Simultaneous Charging

Provides up to 2.4A simultaneously to each device.

20, 40 Devices


Lightning Fast Access

Pre-wired Lightning cables = device access at lightning speed. Experience the PureCharge Station® and see for yourself.

Store, Charge & Sync

PowerSync® Station

Bretford PowerSync Station, side view

Compact Design

iPad charging station ideal for bulk device syncing.

20 Devices


PowerSync® Cart

Bretford PowerSync Cart, side view

Configure & Sync

The only cart with Apple Configurator integration.

20, 40 Devices


Charge, Sync & Provision

PowerSync Pro® – Gen. 2 Smart Hubs

Bretford PowerSync Pro, model for iPhone, and model for iPad

Zero-Touch IT

Partner hub with a provisioning software to simplify management.

10, 20 Devices

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

iPad Charging Stations with Endless Possibilities

Easily provision and re-provision large pools of iOS and iPadOS devices with workflows set by you, for you. Find out what’s possible.

Need an iPad Charging Cart or Station for Your Classroom?

Be prepared for 1:1 device deployment and ultimate classroom management with our iPad charging lockers, carts, and stations for the classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our iPad Charging Stations & Carts

Learn more about our iPad charging stations and carts.

Our charging solutions include:


  1. Charging stations: These are compact and secure solutions designed for counter or wall mount. They provide a convenient and organized way to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

  2. Charging carts: This type of solution offers similar features to our charging stations, however, these carts are mobile and can easily transport several devices at a time between locations. This solution is ideal for situations where mobility is needed, such as in schools or offices.

  3. Charging lockers: Cloud-managed charging lockers designed for secure charging, loaning, and device distribution. Users can access our lockers using RFID or PIN authentication for easy access.

If you have any questions about our product, please give us a call at 1 800 521 9614.

Bretford charging stations are compatible with different types of Apple devices, including iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.


However, before making a purchase, make sure to check that the product you want is compatible with your Apple devices, as not all of our charging stations are compatible with all Apple devices.

At Bretford, we provide a 7-year "no-nonsense" warranty covering both electrical and mechanical problems that may arise after purchase. This warranty is straightforward with no hidden fees or loopholes.


For any questions about our iPad charging carts or to get in touch with a sales representative, please contact our customer support team at 1 800 521 9614. We're here to assist you.

At Bretford, we prioritize the security of the devices stored in our iPad charging stations and carts. Our units are fully welded and manufactured in the USA, ensuring top quality and durability. 


To safeguard your devices, each iPad charging cart and station includes a durable padlock. Additionally, our charging stations feature a convenient door that tucks away for loading and unloading devices safely.


Additionally, our charging carts are equipped with industrial-grade casters, ensuring smooth and safe maneuverability. Your devices are in safe hands with our secure storage solutions.

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