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Hero Cube PureCharge Station v2
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Bretford recognizes that workspace is valuable and, oftentimes, limited. For that reason, our Stations and Smart Hubs have been designed to be compact in size but not capability.

Our CUBE® Station and Tray are equipped to hold up to 10 Chromebooks, laptops or tablets but can easily be daisy-chained enabling charging of up to 20 devices at one time with the use of one power outlet. In addition, charging stations can be stacked or wall mounted giving you additional space saving options.

Apple devices? No problem! Our made for Apple stations are optimized for Apple devices and our PureCharge® Station comes complete with pre-installed power cords making it ready-to-go out of the box.

If work- flow efficiency is what you need, our PowerSync Pro™ Smart Hub will not disappoint. The PowerSync Pro™ Smart Hub is designed for organizations looking to manage a large pool of iPhone, iPad mini or iPad devices.

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