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Small Package, Big Impact. Charging stations designed to maximize space, efficiently charge devices, and enhance productivity throughout the day.

A Bretford CUBE Micro Charging Station in grass color and a Bretford PureCharge Charging Station
Home Solutions Charging Stations and Smart Hubs

Compact Yet Powerful Charging Stations for Multiple Devices

Best Warranty

Electrical and mechanical 7-year, no-nonsense warranty.


16 colors and custom logo options to personalize your charging cabinet.

USA Based

Designed and built in the USA for maximum quality & quick delivery.

Cable Boss™

Quick and convenient wiring system in select solutions.

Your workspace is valuable, and we know that. Our charging stations for multiple devices have been thoughtfully designed to be compact in size, but not capability. After all, great things come in small packages.

Whether you are looking for a charging station or hub to hold Chromebooks, laptops and tablets, or are in a strictly Apple device environment, your journey to maximizing your space and efficiently managing devices starts here.

CUBE Charging Stations & Trays

Compact charging stations made for Chromebooks, laptops, tablets and power banks. Options for storing from 5 to 16 devices.

CUBE Micro Station®

Compact Footprint

Ideal for mounting on the wall or placing on the counter.

10, 16 Devices

Chromebooks . Laptops . Tablets

Bretford product colors available

CUBE Micro Station® Pre-Wired


Arrives completely assembled, and pre-wired.

10, 16 Devices

Chromebooks . Laptops . Tablets

Bretford product colors available

CUBE Micro Tray®

Easy Access

The open design allows for quicker and more convenient accessibility.

10 Devices

Chromebooks . Laptops . Tablets

Bretford product colors available

CUBE Battery StationTM

Store and Charge

PowerStation Pro power banks powered by mophie

5,10 Devices

PowerStation Pro AC & XL

Bretford product colors available

Stay Charged All Day Long with Portable Power Banks

Bring extra power to any learning environment and charge all types of devices with plug options including AC outlet, USB-C, PD ports or USB-A ports.

PureCharge & PowerSync Charging Stations

Charging stations for multiple devices, including iPads, iPhones, Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets. Ideal for storing from 10 to 20 devices.

PureCharge Station®

Compact Design

Perfect for counter or wall mount.

10, 20 Devices

iPad & iPhone

PureCharge Pro StationTM 

USB Power Delivery Technology

A universal solution for fast charging

10, 20 Devices

Chromebooks . Laptops . Tablets

PowerSync Station®

Configure & Sync

The only station with Apple Configurator integration.

20 Devices


Charging Smart Hubs and Smart Docks

Solutions made for iPadOS, iOS and Zebra TC52 devices

PowerSync Pro® Gen. 2

Zero-Touch IT

Partner hub with a provisioning software to simplify management.

10, 20 Devices

iPadOS, iOS, Zebra TC52

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Charging Stations

Learn more about Bretford charging stations.

Our stations are compatible with a wide range of devices such as Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, iPads, iPhones and Zebra scanners.

Please carefully review the specifications of each product to ensure compatibility with your organization's devices.

We offer a 7-year "no-nonsense" warranty that covers electrical and mechanical issues with our charging cabinets. Our warranty is designed to be transparent, free from hidden fees or legal complexities.


If you encounter any problems that fall within the warranty's coverage, you can request a return, replacement, or refund of the product. 

For additional information, feel free to contact us at 1 800 521 9614.

You can purchase accessories compatible with our stations by visiting our accessories page. There you will find products such as power adapters, cables, power extension cords, padlocks, and more.

Most of our charging stations have a door that can be easily opened or closed, additionally, they also come with a programmable combination padlock to control who has access to the devices inside the station.


Please keep in mind that some stations do not have a door to protect the devices inside, so make sure to choose a charging station that meets your security needs.

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