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The very real, headlights of Industry 4.0 are on the horizon. Suddenly, digital evolution is not a competitive advantage; it is a logistics necessity. Predictive shipping, share capacity, dynamic container optimization and identification, complex route simulations, IoT, AI, machine learning, and mobile deployment are all shaking decade-old foundations. Behind the curtains, demand volatility, asset fluctuations, fuel developments, and intense pressure to transform threaten your bottom-line. To win, you must feel the warm embrace of technology. By 2022, the logistics industry will spend over $2.5 billion on technology. But how do you enable this technology? Our charging stations for logistics can provide you with the features you need to keep your new swarm of digital devices charged, shift-after-shift.

Leaders in Charging Stations For Logistics

At Bretford, we built world-class charging solutions to help you tackle the challenges of Industry 4.0. Our sleek, modular, and intelligent charging stations, charging carts, charging lockers, and charging towers for logistics are constructed with USA-sourced steel and packed with industry-leading security features. You need the power and capacity to keep your critical, digitally enabling devices charged around-the-clock. We turn one power outlet into a buffet of charging. Do not spend millions on emerging innovations without enabling the physical infrastructure to support those investments. Bretford can help.

Our Impact

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of businesses say mobile devices are essential to their workflows.

Source: Wired

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of devices break or go missing each year after deployment.

Source: SMS Group 

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of devices costs could be saved through appropriate device control.

Source: Wandera

Our Products

Charging Stations, Carts & Lockers For Logistics

Charging Carts

Convenient, safe, and durable charging carts for logistics that can store up to 45 devices.

Charging Stations & Smart Hubs

Compact charging stations for logistics to store, charge, and sync mobile devices.

Charging Lockers

Mobile device charging lockers for logistics with keyless access control.

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