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Charging solutions and industrial mobile workstations for a wide variety of industries.

Home Industries

At Bretford, we know first-hand that powering your venture requires the right balance of experience and innovation. We have worked with a wide range of organizations and industries, each with their own unique challenges. From classrooms to hospital rooms, and from manufacturing centers to the sales floor, we know how to develop charging solutions, industrial mobile workstations, and even industrial tv carts that can seamlessly fit into your unique needs.

What can this look like? Sometimes it means keeping tablets powered up to empower a fleet of sales associates to move freely throughout a space and provide a memorable customer experience. It could mean providing safe charging lockers so that government personnel can have access to laptops at a moment’s notice. Or it can mean giving a school district the tools they need to help thousands of students access digital learning. No matter the industry, with our charging carts, charging stations, industrial rolling tv stands, and other solutions, we can help you power, manage, and secure your business or organization’s mobile devices.

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