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Yes! One of the ways Bretford stands out from the competition is through its 16 vibrant color options. With the expertise in powder coating, Bretford is able to offer a wide selection of colors that our customers can select to match their color scheme to create a consistent, recognizable look that enforces their brand.

In addition to color options, adding your own logo to your charging solution is another great way to enhance your brand. This personal touch not only adds a level of professionalism to your products, but it also helps to build brand recognition and reinforce your company’s identity. 

Bretford makes it easy to see what your customized charging solution could look like. Simply upload your logo and generate a PDF directly on our website product pages or work with a Bretford sales representative to discuss your needs and get a hands-on mockup. This will give you peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’re getting before you place your order.

Are you interested in learning more about a product or need pricing? Click here to request a quote. 

Yes! Bretford is located in Franklin Park, IL. We pride ourselves on providing minimal lead times to our customers so they can focus on what matters most without the added stress of not knowing when their products will come in.

Our products leave the warehouse and get delivered to you without going overseas. This elimination of overseas travel cuts down on lead times by about 2x.

When products are built and designed in the USA with USA-sourced steel, consumers can expect durability, security and protection for themselves and their devices.

Bretford offers a 7-year “no-nonsense” warranty that covers electrical and mechanical issues. No-nonsense means there are no hidden fees, legal writings or loopholes.

If you have issues with your product, please contact our customer service team at +1 800-521-9614.

When you pick a product that is UL certified, you are making the decision to invest in something that you can count on to last while ensuring the highest level of precaution.

UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories and is the backbone of safety in the United States. UL 60950 Information Technology Equipment specifies safety tests and sets benchmarks for Information Technology equipment which includes everything from computers and phones, displays and projects, to supporting equipment like charging carts. They encompass almost every piece of technology you can get your hands on to ensure highest quality safety. They are the global safety science leader, having over 21 certification processes for products, facilities, processes or systems to comply with the best safety regulations around.

Learn more here.

Bretford has a line of charging carts that provide power through a digital timer. With this method, the cart continuously shifts power, from one shelf to another, every 10 minutes. Chromebooks and other devices, with up to 65-Watt adapters, are a great fit for this type of cart, as it is a safe, effective, and affordable solution. 

Bretford has cart and station options that provide power to all devices, simultaneously. These options can provide full rate charging because the devices have lower power requirements, such as iPads and Chromebooks.

Bretford intelligent charging carts provide power to devices, through specific zones within the cart, based on which zone requires the most power. The cart continues to evaluate the power needs and cycles power to the next bank. Once the power demand reduces, the cart can potentially power to all devices at once. These carts are a great option for devices that are used all day and only have a limited amount of time to charge or for more powerful devices – 90+ Watt adapters.

The name USB PD stands for USB-C Power Delivery. The C-type connector has a reversible tip which means there is no right-side-up orientation, which means you can plug it in without having to figure out which direction it plugs in.

The new standard provides a new variety of power voltage and amperage. One charger can provide different voltages and amperages based on any given device’s need. This frees the user from having to buy lots of different adapters. 

Learn more here.

The power adapter serves the purpose of converting AC voltage to a single DC voltage for your computer. It operates as an external battery for your computer so that the computer’s size does not need to be so large.

A computer uses many different DC voltages. One is provided by the power adapter and the other is provided by internal circuits in the computer itself. These combined give the computer what it needs. The power adapter serves as the battery that is providing specific energy and volts to a specific computer it is plugged into.

Learn more about power adapters here. 

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