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Safely store, transport and power your classroom presentation technology with our AV carts and stands.

Bretford Explorer Display Cart With TV Screen

Upgrade your AV technology setup with Bretford’s durable AV solutions, built-to-last and uniquely designed with presenters in mind. Engineered for longevity and functionality, our AV solutions can accommodate projectors, cameras, computers, monitors, and more.

Benefit from user-friendly features such as locking wheels for seamless mobility, pull-out shelves for added convenience, and ample storage space for essential accessories. Rest assured, all our products, including our AV carts, prioritize safety and meet stringent UL-certification requirements. Elevate your organization with Bretford’s trusted solutions.

Best Warranty

Electrical and mechanical 7-year, no-nonsense warranty.


Your Product. Your Identity. 16 color choices and custom logo options.

USA Based

Designed and built in the USA for maximum quality & quick delivery.

Customer Service

Our attentive customer service team is always ready to offer quick assistance.

Display Carts

Cordless Explorer™ Display Cart

bretford cordless Explorer display cart 65in display with rally bar

Communication. Video. Untethered.

The first battery-powered, all-terrain, outdoor-rated large display cart.

Explorer™ Display Cart

Bretford Explorer Display Cart 65in Left

Heavy Duty Mobile Display Cart

Effortlessly and safely transport displays over any uneven surface.

Bring The Class Anywhere with Explorer™ Display Carts

Equipped with onboard power, cable management, and modular accessories, Explorer™ Display Carts create a fully customized rolling AV solution perfect for any enviornment.

Projector Cart

ProVision Projector Cart™

Bretford projector carts

Transform Any Learning Space

Effortlessly create dynamic displays, optimizing screen size.

Supports Epson 800F/805F PowerLite
Ultra Short-Throw Laser Projector

Bretford product colors available

Watch how to easily transform any space into a dynamic learning hub

Customizable for educational settings, the ProVision Projector Cart effortlessly creates dynamic displays, optimizing screen size with Epson PowerLite 800F ultra short-throw technology for clear images up 130”(16:9). 

AV Carts & Stands

MIC Mobile Instructor Cart

Bretford Mobile Instructor Cart (MIC) in mustard color

Designed With Teachers In Mind

Equipped with a practical pull-out shelf and cup holders.

Bretford product colors available

Adjustable Height Cart

Bretford adjustable height cart in sky color


Adjustable height carts ideal for accommodating a diverse range of AV equipment.

Bretford product colors available


Bretford Booktruck Double-Sided Access in red color, side view

Future Proof

Functional for the long term with a variety of models to suit your needs.

Bretford product colors available

Frequently Asked Questions About Our AV Carts & Stands

Learn more about our AV carts and stands.

AV carts or audiovisual carts allow you to easily move projectors, cameras, computers, monitors, and other audiovisual equipment from one room to another.

This mobility makes them especially practical in diverse environments such as offices, schools, event spaces, conference centers, etc.

Additionally, these carts are really useful for saving space since all your audiovisual equipment will be organized in one place.

Bretford carts and stands are crafted using high-quality materials. Our products are manufactured primarily from USA-sourced steel, ensuring superior strength and durability.

In addition, our products are designed and built in the United States, specifically in Franklin Park, Illinois, ensuring maximum quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

Our range of AV media carts includes:

  • Explorer™ Display Cart: Heavy-duty mobile display cart for transporting displays up to 86 inches and up to 200 lbs. This solution is especially useful for sport applications.
  • MIC Mobile Instructor Cart: This rolling cart offers everything teachers could need from a utility cart. Some of its features include a pullout shelf, cup holder, 6-outlet power strip, non-slip grid, locking casters for extra security, and more.
  • Adjustable Height Cart: A simple but versatile cart that can be adjusted to your desired height easily. It also comes with some convenient features such as a non-slip rubber mat.
  • Booktrucks: Our booktrucks allow you to easily transport books between classrooms. We offer you several models, each one with different features so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Most of our AV media carts and stands come fully assembled, so you can focus on what matters most to you. However, some of our products require minimal assembly such as our ExplorerDisplay Cart.

Please carefully review the specifications of the product you wish to purchase before ordering to see if it comes fully assembled or requires additional assembly steps.

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