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3 Easy Steps to Sync and Provision Electronic Devices

by Michelle Koclanis & Natalie Schlueter

Saving time and money is something that is mentioned a lot when talking about the benefits of charging solutions. But what does it actually mean, and how do you save time and money in the long run? This is where syncing and provisioning solutions, in addition to charging, save you time, and therefore money.

The partnership of charging solutions with provisioning capabilities and a power provisioning software provide an IT department the ability to simplify device management, save company time and money, and allow for needed relief.

How do you go about finding relief in device management and synchronization? Find out by reading these three easy steps below:

1. Choose a charging solution with sync and provisioning capabilities.

Not all charging solutions are made equal! Charging solutions with provisioning and syncing capabilities not only replenish battery life, but can also update and synchronize all of your devices while they are not in use.

Choosing a regular charging solution without these capabilities will inherently make your device management easier at your organization by providing a safe and easy way for devices to be stored and charged throughout the day or overnight, but when you add sync and provisioning capabilities you increase the amount of extra help, and therefore decrease the amount of time spent syncing devices manually.

Choosing a charge solution with additional capabilities, like the PowerSync Pro™ 2nd Generation, will allow you to be ready to go with a best in class hardware experience for simple device management that can grow with your company.

2. Choose a sync / provisioning software that is compatible with your charging solution.

Eliminate manual processes and increase productivity. Syncing and provisioning software can optimize performance, save time and money, reduce error, manage devices, and increase operational efficiency. Choosing both a charging solution that offers syncing and provisioning capabilities and software is the ultimate solution for busy IT departments in the education, healthcare, retail, government, and business space.

Just like how normal charging solutions are not one size fits all, syncing and provisioning charging solutions are not one size fits all either! When choosing a sync and provisioning solution, make sure you pick what is best for you.

If you just need to sync devices, the PowerSync+ Station® would be the best option for your needs. Also, consider the amount of devices you need to charge. If you need to charge more than 20 devices, consider the PowerSync MiX® Charging Cart. With these two solutions made for apple devices only, you can refresh devices with the latest software updates and configurations in no time.

If you need to provision devices as well, consider the PowerSync Pro™ solutions to sync and charge devices. These solutions offer self-contained provisioning with a secure, dedicated compartment under the hub for the Mac Mini 92018) to run Apple Configurator 2 software (AC2), Apple Provisioning Utility (APU), or GroundControl Launchpad.

3. Call Bretford

Bretford offers multiple store, charge, and sync solutions for iOS and Windows devices. Our innovative charging solutions combined with provisioning software offer the ability to sync, update software, back up devices, and return devices to standard configurations without taxing busy Wifi systems. We are here to help you choose the best solution for your workflow.

To speak to customer service / sales, call 800-521-9614.

card PowerSync Pro 2nd Gen

PowerSync Pro™ 2nd Generation

iPhone . iPad . iPad Mini

Charge, provision, and re-provision a shared pool of iOS or iPadOS devices. The PowerSync Pro Smart Hub provides a best-in-class hardware experience for simplifying the management of these devices.

PowerSync Station 400x320 1

PowerSync+ Station®

iPhone . iPad

Store, charge, and sync your iPad or iPhone devices with the ready-to-go PowerSync+ Charging Station. Optimized for Apple with pre-wired Lightning cables and connection for Mac for bulk device syncing.

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