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AV Solutions for a Modern, Hybrid Classroom

by Natalie Schlueter

Modern classrooms do not have the luxury of creating cut and dry lesson plans anymore. Students are in multiple places at once, and focus can be difficult. This is due in part to two circumstances affecting traditional learning:

  1. Students participating in classes from home due to illness or other family matters.
  2. Maintaining efficiency and focus can be difficult for teachers while trying to access new technology and learning systems for current students.

In a research study conducted in 2022 by EU Business School, it was found that although there is no real evidence to support the claim that students’ attention span is only 10-15 minutes, there is research to suggest that students need multiple forms of media to learn.

Utilizing AV carts and stands allows for students to learn with multiple forms of media in a single day. They also offer teachers the mobility and flexibility to exceed learning expectations in the classroom.

Utilizing a TV in the Classroom

Using multiple forms of media to teach students in a modern classroom is the way to go now. This is because:

  1. Students need to have the flexibility of changing focus similar to how they experience their technology at home and in free time.
  2. Student focus is roughly 10-15 minutes, with a 6 minute attention span for educational videos.
  3. Combining modern technology and elements from student hobbies into class work is the best way to approach complex work and ideas for best retention.
  4. Combining audio, visual and task-oriented work creates a space for intentional learning for students, motivation in the classroom, and retention of knowledge.

AV carts and stands can provide support to teachers while trying to implement multimedia learning. The problem is, many AV solutions do not support large technology storage or management.

While using student laptops for educational videos and other forms of digital learning is easy and simple, it is more valuable for collective student learning to occur. This way students are motivated to watch the video and discuss as a group after.

Bretford’s Flat Panel Cart supports this type of learning, allowing teachers to be able to mount up to a 65” monitor on the cart while including accessories, bins, laptops and many other items beneath on the shelves.

While using the Flat Panel Cart, the classroom can move from traditional to maneuverable, wheeling the monitor wherever teachers and students need to learn.

Not only can the Flat Panel Cart, tv stand, be useful in the classroom, but because of its maneuverability it is easy to use this cart outside of the classroom as well to encourage student motivation, and invigorate learning.

Mobile Learning with AV Solutions

Let’s talk about specials classes. Specials programs are used to supplement core classes and are a necessity to a well-rounded learning experience for students.

While specials are a great way to supplement learning, they can also be an easy way for students to lose focus quickly and for efficiency to disappear.

In a traditional specials class way, teachers have to line students up, ensure they are quiet and single-file, and walk them slowly to their specials class. This process repeats around three times before they are able to return back to their normal core learning classes.

When students initially went back to school during the height of pandemic restrictions, many teachers and schools adopted a mobile specials program. Specials teachers were required to move from class to class with all of their materials on one cart.

While COVID restrictions have virtually gone away, mobile teaching models have not. This is because mobility for specials teachers to move from class to class and not disrupt the classroom dynamic is as valuable as ever.

This can be accomplished efficiently by using carts designed to assist teachers in their venture to have quality classes away from their dedicated classroom space.

When deciding what to do for students in an optionally hybrid classroom space, consider these questions:

  1. Are the students in this class naturally focused or do they need extra stimulation?
  2. Do the specials teachers have the ability to travel throughout the school to each classroom?
  3. Are the specials teachers equipped with the necessary travel equipment to have their entire classroom on something mobile?
  4. Does it take a long time to collect students and transport them from classroom to classroom in the school?
  5. Is the school designed to be efficiently mobile or would it be difficult to have mobile classes?

If after considering these questions, you think that your school needs a mobile solution for a hybrid classroom with AV solutions, Bretford has you covered.

The Mobile Instructor Cart, or the MIC is designed specifically to help specials teachers move around their school with two cup holders designed to hold water or small items, two pull out shelves for laptops and other projecting solutions, as well as options for power on board and a cabinet.

Mobile learning with AV carts is easier than ever with the Mobile Instructor Cart.

Hybrid Learning has Never Been Easier

With the advent of common hybrid learning due to COVID, classrooms have had to adopt new learning methods. Since COVID restrictions have eased, the learning methods from these times have continued to prove valuable.

Bretford solutions are designed to support student learning and engagement in the classroom with quality design and build, and the modern learner in mind. Teachers can take advantage of Bretford’s solutions to maximize student learning in the classroom.

To find your solution today, contact us by calling 800.521.9614.

Mobile Instructor Cart

The ultimate teacher’s assistant. With on-the-go learning at the forefront of design, this cart can hold all teacher materials for ease of use.

Flat Panel Cart

With the ability to hold up to a 65 in. monitor, the Flat Panel Cart is the perfect way to engage, promote creativity and motivate learning.

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