Juice Mobile Power

Active learning demands Active Charging. Take power on the go with Juice Mobile Power. Turn a single wall outlet into a powerful, flexible mobile charging solution, providing safe charging for the entire classroom or office.

 Get It First

Configure it and reconfigure it. Plug-in, unfold and power up.

Active Charging

Active learning demands active charging. Eliminate the tangled web of unsafe extensions cords, with a flexible solution that moves and adapts with you.

Cost Effective

Eliminate the need for infrastructure upgrades, with a floor to table power system that simplifies power delivery.

Charging in a Snap

Unleash the power of flexibility with Juice Mobile Power. Configure it and reconfigure it. Plug-in, unfold and power up. Juice Mobile Power delivers safe DC charging, in a streamlined design. And because of its portable design, pack-up and take power on the go.


With its intuitive, built-in safety system, Juice Mobile Power smartly detects foreign objects and instantly powers down to ensure safety. And when the object is removed, the system instantly powers up, making it safe for teachers and students for everyday use.

FLI Charge Technology

Coming Early 2018

Be one of the first to experience this revolutionary product.

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