Boosting Productivity With the Cordless Explorer™ Display Cart in Industrial Workspaces

Industrial facilities need to maximize productivity in order to reach quotas or revenue targets. Many technologies now exist to help manufacturers reach their goal outputs on time, including automation and real-time communication. One supportive innovation that can revolutionize task management and help increase productivity is the display cart. 

At Bretford, we offer the Cordless Explorer™ Display Cart. This product serves as a cutting-edge solution that provides an array of benefits. With this item, you have a versatile tool that boosts productivity, no matter what vertical or area your establishment belongs to. Keep reading to learn more.

The Needs of the Modern Industrial Workspace

We no longer see traditional assembly lines in most contemporary industrial establishments. There’s more reliance on technology and automation, removing the need for most types of manual input. Advanced machinery and data management systems do most of the work.

Workers and managers must be able to take advantage of these solutions, innovations, and techniques. There needs to be ways to elevate communication and collaboration in order to maximize these technologies and optimize productivity. One method is by using display carts and monitors to share information.

Enter the Cordless Explorer™ Display Cart

Bretford’s Cordless Explorer™ Display Cart is a mobile monitor stand that makes communication effortless, no matter the location or circumstance. The display has its own battery, removing the need for extension cords. The power pack is also swappable and can last for more than eight hours on a single charge

In addition, the product can hold up to 200 lbs in weight, so it can even hold large monitors. Complementing the sturdy frame are large casters, which improve stability. You won’t have to worry if your monitor needs to be transferred from the mezzanine to the production floor. The wheels ensure safety in every type of terrain.  

We’ve also designed the display cart for maximum customizability, thereby increasing its utility. For example, the frame has integrations that allow you to add cameras and sound systems. If you need a large monitor with accessories for the conference room, the display cart can become the all-in-one equipment you need. 

Benefits of Our Cordless Display Cart

With the many features integrated into our Cordless Explorer™ Display Cart, it becomes the perfect supporting technology for improving productivity. Leverage the following advantages when using our product!

Access to Real-Time Data

Workers and managers alike need the right kind of information to make logical decisions. Currently, many industrial workspaces rely on methods like radio and mobile phones. While these devices are handy, they provide little information. Display carts with large monitors let employees see the bigger picture — literally and figuratively. Having access to real-time data allows for quicker and more sensible decision-making, especially for more critical areas of your production processes. Even as conditions evolve, no one will get left behind thanks to the accurate data from the carts.

Better Mobility

Access to communication and collaboration can be hindered because of physical issues. For example, most monitors are tethered to a single space. Moving them to another area takes a lot of effort. Our display carts remove this issue thanks to their maneuverability. You can easily move them to wherever information is needed.

The quality casters in our carts work in any type of terrain — even outdoors. Plus, they have directional locking that allows for easy and controlled movement. We also want to highlight the cordless feature, which removes the demand for nearby sockets. The cart, overall, has better mobility and provides more convenience for everyone.

Improving Communication and Collaboration

Better team communication is an extended benefit of having access to real-time data. With display carts equipped with monitors, your team can share diagrams, updates, and charts on the go. This advantage leads to better connection and collaboration among leaders and workers alike.

Decreased Downtime

The more traditional monitors require more than a few minutes to mount, set up, and turn on. Cable management should also be kept in mind, especially in high-foot traffic areas where they can become a tripping hazard. All these issues make traditional wired setups a hassle, leading to delays and loss of productivity. Thankfully, our fully mobile and cordless display cart removes all these concerns. There’s no need to set up or dismantle equipment, leading to higher downtime. Simply move the cart where it’s needed and turn on the monitor.

Cable Management Made Easier

As we mentioned above, cable management takes up time. Wrong placement could also turn the cords into tripping hazards, which could injure employees and reduce productivity. One other issue with cables is that they’re unsightly. Having a cordless display cart takes care of these concerns. Our Cordless Explorer™ Display Cart channels cables through the back, ensuring that the wires are out of view when seen from the front. Since the power source is inside the cart, you won’t need to have extension chords just to turn on the monitor.

Allows for Other Technological Integrations

We designed our carts for easy accessorizing. You can effortlessly add webcams and speakers to the system, making the cart a partner for on-the-go video conferencing. These integrations also allow you to showcase multimedia — not just visual information. Now, you can play instructional videos for trainees on-site and not just in meeting rooms. The more hands-on approach fosters better retention of ideas or instructions.

Final Thoughts on Display Carts and Productivity

Our humble Cordless Explorer™ Display Cart may not seem like much at first, but it’s the perfect supportive equipment for increasing productivity in your industrial workspace. With it, you can boost communication, reduce downtime for setting up monitors, and enjoy many other benefits. Upgrade from traditional setups now and leverage the benefits of our display cart. For more details, please contact Bretford today. 

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