The Future of Device Charging in Healthcare Facilities

There’s no doubt that the members of the healthcare industry are the pillars of a successful experience. Nevertheless, without technology, the delivery of health services becomes inefficient and — in some cases — impossible.

The necessity of health devices brings about other needs like healthcare device charging. 

Charging devices in hospitals and healthcare facilities ensures adequate power supply for later device use. With the implementation of innovative charging solutions like charging lockers and mobile charging hubs, health workers can enjoy uninterrupted access and smoother workflows — two things that matter in life-and-death situations. 

As the future brings on more devices, institutions need to adapt accordingly by incorporating new charging solutions. 

Learn more about the importance of healthcare device charging and how you can future-proof charging devices in hospitals. 

The Role of Technology in Healthcare Settings

Gone are the days when clipboards and pens sufficed for healthcare workflows. With modern-day solutions for record-keeping and real-time patient endorsements, health workers are growing more reliant on technology — and the charging solutions that keep devices operational.  

Real-Time Access to Vital Information

One of the most salient roles of technology in healthcare is record-keeping. For the longest time, records were kept in either computers or as hard copies in the form of charts.  

Technology has paved the way for superior record-keeping by adding real-time accessibility. With cloud technology and shared digital workspaces, health staff and physicians can view vital information in real-time, keeping up with recent changes or endorsements. 

Streamlined Patient Care Delivery

Medical devices also play a fundamental role in delivering patient care. Medical apps, diagnostic tools, and remote monitoring devices have revolutionized how healthcare services are delivered. 

From monitoring patient vitals to conducting complex procedures guided by advanced technology, these devices are pivotal in ensuring accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

Reducing Downtime

More and more health workers rely on devices around the clock for vital tasks. Devices like tablets and handheld monitors have streamlined record-keeping and updates, thereby reducing downtime significantly.  

Downtime and Charging Devices in Hospitals

Despite the presence of devices, downtime remains a prevalent issue in many healthcare settings. Downtime can be attributed to a broad range of factors. However, it usually occurs as a result of unavailable or outdated charging infrastructure. 

Healthcare Device Charging as a Cause of Downtime

Device charging ensures continuous functionality, so when devices run out of power due to inadequate charging provisions, it directly translates into downtime. Critical moments in patient care or essential procedures can be disrupted, leading to delays and potential compromises in healthcare delivery.

Challenges from Charging Deficiencies

Insufficient charging solutions are formidable challenges to healthcare professionals. The lack of accessible charging stations or outdated charging methods hinder the seamless use of devices, which — in turn — impedes the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services. 

As medical devices run out of battery power, there can be numerous effects on workflows. In particular, interruptions during crucial tasks can add complexity to an already demanding work environment.

Addressing Downtime and Charging Challenges

Modern healthcare facilities require reliable charging solutions that accommodate the around-the-clock demands. By ensuring devices are consistently charged and readily available for use, your healthcare facility can be more efficient as your staff enjoys consistent device operability and accessibility.

In short, if you’re dealing with downtime due to inadequate charging solutions, invest in robust charging solutions that support continuous device availability. 

Why You Need To Invest in Innovative Charging Solutions 

Modern charging solutions in your healthcare facility can be a game-changer in ensuring operational efficiency and optimal patient care. Below are the most compelling reasons for you to overhaul your charging infrastructure. 

Enhanced Patient Care Through Uninterrupted Device Availability

Advanced charging solutions guarantee that your medical devices remain powered throughout critical moments. Sufficiently charged medical devices are key to ensuring healthcare professionals have immediate access to vital information and tools. 

This seamless access fosters quicker decision-making and facilitates more efficient patient treatments.

Addressing Infection Control Concerns With Appropriate Charging Solutions

Charging solutions like our charging stations and mobile device hubs are built with materials and designs that are easily cleanable. As a result, our solutions minimize the risk of device cross-contamination and contribute to a safer healthcare environment. 

Some stations like our charging lockers are also no-contact solutions for charging devices in hospitals. The no-contact feature addresses charging needs and helps everyone in your facility adhere to social distancing protocols. 

Optimizing Workflows and Staff Efficiency With Streamlined Charging Options

Healthcare device charging in your institution becomes easier with innovative charging solutions. As a result, you eliminate downtime and allow your staff to focus on what matters most — patient care. 

Our Solutions for Healthcare Device Charging

At Bretford, we offer innovative solutions for healthcare device charging. Explore our options and supercharge your facility’s efficiency and productivity.  

The PowerSync Pro – Gen. 2 Smart Hub

Tailored for healthcare, the PowerSync Pro Gen. 2 Smart Hubs offer specialized features that address your medical environment’s needs. 

These hubs are sure to provide teams with uninterrupted access to charged devices that are crucial for medical operations. Also, customized functionalities seamlessly integrate within healthcare facilities, facilitating efficient provisioning without disrupting critical workflows.

Techguard Charging Lockers

Our TechGuard Charging Lockers are built to meet the distinct requisites of healthcare facilities. These lockers boast design elements that comply with infection control protocols. 

With a focus on security and accessibility, these lockers are also secure environments for device storage and charging. 

PureCharge Pro Station

Specifically designed for USB-C devices, the PureCharge Pro Station’s charging capabilities maintain devices in a perpetually ready state. This station is a game-changer in minimizing downtime for healthcare professionals, and it ensures swift, reliable power delivery for essential medical tasks.

Win the War on Downtime — Supercharge Your Healthcare Facility With Bretford

Uninterrupted device availability is the heartbeat of efficient healthcare. Our solutions address infection control concerns, optimize workflows, and empower your healthcare professionals to focus on providing exceptional patient care. 

Contact us today for a free quote and experience innovative charging solutions that surge your facility towards a charged future.

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