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Maximize Classroom Productivity: Traditional Solutions to Increase Efficiency, Creativity, and Energy

by Natalie Schlueter

The anticipation of the bell. Since the dawn of school room learning, the anticipation of the bell has been the most exciting part of any class for a kid.

For teachers, it has been the most exhausting. There is Good News…

With COVID-19, students now have to stay in one seat, in one classroom all day with no need for a bell, so therefore no anticipation right? Not exactly. Across the country, teachers are experiencing another form of the bell: rolling carts in the hallway. 

While subject teachers find themselves on the move, kids find themselves getting antsy even before the typical time of the bell. Listening to that loud, rickety cart coming down the hallway decreases the amount of time kids spend learning and teachers spend teaching.

A Solution Is Here

Rolling carts have been useful tools to efficiently hold technology and teacher instructional material while providing swift, quiet movement from classroom to classroom. We asked sixth grade teacher, Paige Wentzel, her thoughts on how the Mobile Instructor Cart is maximizing classroom learning time and she said “It’s very study, quiet, and super easy to maneuver, plus the cupholders are a huge bonus.”

Classroom Teaching Has Gone Mobile

Teachers and their school districts are having to face many unforeseen circumstances now.  The future of classroom experience is here: moving classrooms. Check out the ways that schools are implementing new strategies to support students and create a safe, healthy environment.

Specials teachers (gym, music, language teachers) are currently in the midst of moving from classroom to classroom to keep students in the same room all day.

Subject teachers are spending all their time in a singular classroom throughout the day, utilizing the resources they have with as much flexibility as possible.

Schools are finding safe, powerful, effective solutions for their classroom mobility issues for the future of education.

Needless to say, increasing student engagement, productivity and creativity is a must amidst COVID-19 and beyond. There are some tell-tale ways to increase productivity in the classroom and, believe it or not, that starts with your classroom mobile cart!

Posture = Productivity

Did you know that in a 2009 study published in Biofeedback that good posture can actually increase productivity, creativity, and overall energy? A rolling cart that can provide the means to have great posture throughout the day with adjustable height features is an important part of the investment you make. Imagine how much more your organization could accomplish if it’s employees were even more motivated, productive and creative than they are now! Adjustable height on mobile carts provides a sound and sure way to promote motivating posture while at work. There is nothing easier than an adjustable, durable cart to increase energy in the workplace!

Utilizing a rolling cart like Bretford’s Mobile Instructor Cart can increase student and teacher productivity, and decrease time spent moving from class to class. Watch the video below to learn how the Mobile Instructor Cart is innovating a new path for school efficiency for teachers across the country:

Top 5 Benefits of the Mobile Instructor Cart for Ultimate Classroom Productivity:

Are you considering investing in some rolling carts for your school or other organization? Here are a few features to consider when making your valuable purchase:

  1. Durability and Reliability Like No Other. There will be a lot of everyday use with these carts. Our all steel solution offers the quietest, sturdiest option to maximize use. Just ask Pacesetter which is one of the leading steel providers in the industry.

  2. Easy Mobility to Zip Around Like a Speedracer. Cup holders, slip-resistant surfaces, strong, large wheels, and a smaller cart body, but large surface area on top are all features to consider.

  3. Charging Capabilities at Your Fingertips. You can maximize your rolling cart’s ability to perform key tasks with a built in power strip to ensure all devices are charged and ready to go, wherever you go.

  4. All-Around, Strong Magnetism for the Best Adaptability. This is a big one. Wherever teachers need to go, they need to have something that can be utilized in any way. With a completely magnetic cart, it is easy to put assignment bins, calendars, access important documents quickly, and personalize the cart in any way necessary for the given circumstances.

  5. Fully-Assembled Delivery. Spend your time deploying your new powerhouse cart instead of assembling it. We assemble, so you can do what you do best.

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When a Bretford Mobile Instructor Cart is deployed, you can be sure that all your needs are met with high quality production that exceeds all expectations! The Mobile Instructor Cart is the ultimate assistant for your school’s unique experience.

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