The Benefits of Pre-Wired Products

The Benefits of Pre-Wired Charging Carts

by Natalie Schlueter

Need a more efficient and secure solution for storing and updating devices for your business’s IT department? Or maybe you require a charging station for school laptops that balances convenience and cost-effectiveness. Regardless of the application, pre-wired products can give you what you need. Today’s innovative technology enables you to keep large numbers of laptops and other devices consistently charged and secure. At the same time, you can charge your devices without the hassle of managing and organizing wiring.

If you want to better understand what makes pre-wired charging carts and other products superior, the following are some specific benefits.

Quick Intake

Each product is fully assembled to allow for use in your business or school with quick and easy deployment. With pre-wired charging carts and stations, you can quickly hook up devices and charge them.

Pre-arranged and secure wiring means that you don’t need to organize it, either. All wiring remains secured in place within the walls of the cart and out of the way, giving you easy access to each charging slot. Charging carts also include space for adapter storage to eliminate the need to organize them separately. Secure storage and organization also prevents theft.

All you need to do is open the front of the cart and load or unload devices with securely organized wires and numbered charging slots.

Save Both Time and Money

The convenience of pre-wired products can save many hours of setup. With built-in wiring that makes it easy to use immediately, you don’t need to hook up wiring and manage it. You can instantly attach laptops and other devices using accessible connections. The best part is that the pre-wired power cords are a secondary charger and you don’t need to use the charger included with the laptop or device. This eliminates the need to install and uninstall the power cord in the cart and makes it easier for the user to charge in the cart or at home at night. Meanwhile, wiring remains intact and organized when moving the cart from one location to another.

Another way pre-wired products can save time is by allowing for easy and instant updates to devices. This means you can charge and update them simultaneously. You don’t need to worry about some devices falling behind and running on outdated software with manually installed updates. As soon as devices are charged, they’re ready for deployment for professionals and students.

You can also save more money with a central cost-effective solution that makes it easy to charge and store devices, with all wiring included. In addition, a secure locking mechanism is included to keep devices secure at all times and protect them from theft.

Intelligent Power

Pre-wired products are capable of charging devices as they require a charge, without wasting resources on devices that don’t need them. Many products feature a power manager that analyzes the power of each device, directing most of the power to the devices that need it. Other models feature a smart agile timer that alternates between shelves to provide power to each for a specific amount of time. In addition to keeping all devices constantly charged, this feature further helps save money by reducing power usage. Intelligent charging carts help reduce energy expenses compared to more energy-consuming products.

The many advantages of pre-wired carts and products make them ideal for applications requiring secure and efficient charging, storage, and consistent updates. Whether you need them for an educational institution or a business, they’re suitable for any environment and used by professionals or students. If you’re looking for a way to save time and money on charging and storing devices, provide an energy-efficient charge, keep devices updated to the latest versions, and maintain security and organization, pre-wired products can give you what you need.

Cube Pre Wired Cart family product 350x350 1

CUBE Cart® Pre-Wired 

iPad . MacBook . Chromebook

This charging cart is ready to roll! Fully assembled and can charge up to 65W devices. Save valuable hours on each deployment.

Core X Black

CORE® X Cart Pre-Wired

Chromebook . Tablet . Laptop

The flexible CORE® X Cart boasts a large capacity, durable construction and adjustable devices slots.

PureCharge Station 500x311 Shadow

PureCharge® Station


Each station arrives with pre-installed Lightning cables, reducing setup time so you can focus on device deployment for your business or school.

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