Bretford Caddy: Not Your Average Tech Basket

The Benefits of the Bretford Caddy

Technology baskets are not the new invention of the decade. We know this, and you probably know this too. But why put all of your eggs in one basket? Truth be told, tech baskets are the perfect opportunity to optimize the modern classroom to be child-friendly and engaging throughout the day.

Managing time to maximize productivity is the modern teacher’s dream. Imagine being able to easily manage time, while also allowing students the freedom and trust necessary to start becoming autonomous in their responsibilities. It might sound far-fetched, but new technology baskets and their carts can assist in this developmental learning, while also providing teachers the maximum amount of textbook learning time possible.

The Challenges of the Current Solutions

Device baskets should be the one and only solution that is the most protective for devices. This is the one basket that is carrying potentially over $3,000 worth of technology. That is a big investment left in the hands of students or teachers who are moving throughout the classroom.

Current solutions offer little to no support for devices in the event that they drop out of the hands of students or teachers and put your technology investments at risk. What’s currently available?

  1. Thin, plastic baskets with no support for devices when dropped.
  2. Flimsy dividers that stay on the top of the basket with no way of protecting devices from hitting each other in transport.
  3. Stiff handles for little to no ergonomic support of devices. Tipping is potentially going to occur.
  4. Small, non-flexible dividers without the capability to hold large hard case typically seen in the K-12 classroom.

With tech baskets made specifically with the K-12 classroom in mind, it is hard to fathom why many safety features would be missing from such an important solution for tech transportation.

Best Tech Basket on the Market

The Caddy has several features that make it the best technology basket on the market. We combined our extensive knowledge of the K-12 classroom with our knowledge of what was in the market to create the best solution possible.

The modern classroom needs specificity in design, and that’s exactly what we have.

1. Tip-Proof Design

The Caddy comes equipped with an ergonomic handle that prevents students and educators from tipping the devices over while maneuvering the Caddies from place to place.

Imagine feeling little to no stress as young students grab the caddies filled with devices because you know they will not tip over. Now that is how you have a productive day.

With no hard surfaces to catch on, the handle moves freely allowing for easy maneuverability even for young students.

2. Hydrophobic Exterior

With a full-cloth exterior the Caddy exceeds expectations on durability and an all-around quality design. The Caddy is made in collaboration with Higher Ground® to bring high-quality EVA foam that repels liquid and dirt to protect devices in transit and while in use.

3. Non-Slip Bottom

With a rubber bottom, the Caddy will prevent devices from sliding off the tables or desks when placed down. No need to worry about students accidentally running into tables and knocking devices over.

4. Interior Meant for Students

With a padded interior, devices do not touch when in transit inside of the cart or in the hands of students. Each device is protected with a full-length padded divider to protect the device and the screens.

Additionally, the Caddy has 1.25” dividers to provide the necessary space to hold large hard cases typically seen in the K-12 classroom. The Caddy can support all five devices with hard cases on it.

5. Identification

Never misplace or mis-identify devices again. It can be draining having to deploy and disperse 30+ devices to students daily; mis-identifying them and having to re-assign devices after deployments can add to the stress.

The Caddy has an ID card right on the front to easily locate, distribute, and collect devices throughout the day. Whether it be a location, group of students, or order of distribution, the ID card serves a great purpose to organization in the classroom.

Prepare Your Classroom, Today.

If managing 30+ student devices seems like an overwhelming task, the Bretford Caddy and Caddy Carts are for you. Call 800-521-9614, or reach out to your regional sales rep to find your solution today.

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Quickly deploy devices in your classroom with the new Bretford Caddy. Designed in collaboration with Higher Ground®, leaders in classroom device protection. 

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