Managing a large fleet of iOS devices with efficiency and organization can be difficult. Bretford smart hubs and carts, when paired with Apple Configurator of Apple Provisioning Utility (APU), can create easy workflows for IT admins.

How to Effectively Manage iOS Devices

by Natalie Schlueter

Many organizations have segwayed into 1:1 device deployment, many of these organizations using iOS, or Apple products, to do so. Effectively managing iOS devices in a large deployment setting of 250+ devices can be difficult to navigate.

As organizations continue to adopt more and more iOS devices, it is imperative that organizations have a strategy in place for managing the syncing/provisioning of these iOS devices. In conjunction with Apple Configurator or Apple Provisioning Utility (APU), IT professionals can efficiently setup, provision, update, and health-check iOS devices via a Bretford charging hub or cart.

To find out how you can effectively manage your iOS devices with different software and charging hubs, read below:

Software to Help You Manage iOS Devices

There are three major softwares to help manage, provision, update, and health-check your devices:

  • Apple Configurator
  • Apple Provisioning Utility
  • GroundControl

How can each of these leverage your experience with charging solutions like the PowerSync Pro™ Smart Hubs or the PowerSync Cart®?

Apple Configurator: Apple Configurator is a software (MacOS app) that was developed by Apple in 2012 designed to ease the deployment of iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Apple TV devices in schools or businesses. With this software, you can easily update software, install apps, and configure profiles, and import and export information and documents with ease.

Using Apple Configurator, IT professionals can leverage Bretford’s PowerSync® products to manage up to 40 iOS devices at once. Tasks that can benefit from this are:

  • DEP enrollment
  • OS updates
  • App Installs / Updates
  • Device Resets / Wipes

Using Apple Configurator, companies can take hold of their iOS device deployment strategies with a single application on a MacOS host.

Apple Provisioning Utility: Apple Provisioning Utility is a mobile device automation from Apple Professional Services (APS) designed to help users accelerate large-scale iOS device deployments. Using an app you can easily and fully automate an initial iOS device-provisioning workflow.

Companies looking to take advantage of automation can engage with Apple to upgrade to Apple Provisioning Utility (APU). APU allows users to create fully automating workflows to accomplish more complex tasks, such as:

  • Device Health-Check / Troubleshooting
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning / Updating
  • LED Device Status Indication
  • Headless Device Management

Using Apple Provisioning Utility, IT professionals can fully automate their workflows with enrollment and re-enrollment in the Apple Device Enrollment Program, digital asset tagging and much more.

GroundControl: GroundControl is another mobile device automation program that is designed to have even more safety features and user features than the above software. When companies use GroundControl in tandem with Bretford’s USB Smart Hubs, they can leverage their iOS device’s ability to perform and maximize time spent on the ground doing what is needed.

Where does Bretford come in for iOS device management?

Bretford was the first company to make a charging cart for Apple, and 20 years later we have not stopped providing innovative solutions to manage iOS devices in classrooms, warehouses, corporate offices, healthcare centers and beyond.

Why should you choose Bretford to manage your iOS devices?

  • The only Apple optimized cart on the market designed to indicate specific device status’ for ultimate use
  • Multiple USB Smart Hub form factors to accommodate iPhones and iPads
  • Dedicated, Secure Space for Mac mini
  • Future-proof design with MFI certified lightning & USB-C cables
  • Full Time, Full Rate: no dropping charge rate during sync function
  • Best-in-class 7 year electrical and mechanical warranty
  • Option to secure devices in a cart or station
powersync pro 2nd gen charging ipads

Charge, provision, and re-provision a shared pool of iOS or iPadOS devices. For organizations looking to manage a large pool of iPhone, iPad mini or iPad, the PowerSync Pro™ Smart Hub provides a best-in-class hardware experience for simplifying the management of these devices.

PowerSyncCart New

Store, charge, and sync your iPad or iPhone devices with the ready-to-go PowerSync® Cart. Optimized for Apple with pre-wired Lightning cables and a connection for a Mac to optimize bulk device syncing allowing you to free up time for other tasks.

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