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The Most Frequently Asked Questions: CUBE Cart®

by Natalie Schlueter

Managing a fleet of devices can be difficult without the right equipment to support your needs. Maybe you are currently in the process of looking for equipment or you are just looking around for some answers.

Either way, figuring out the answers to questions on our most popular charging solution is a good start! Charging carts are the most traditional and most common solution for charging large fleets of devices because of their universality, durability, and overall simple design.

Find out the most frequently asked questions we get about our CUBE Cart® below.

1. Is the CUBE Cart® fully-assembled?

Yes, the CUBE Cart® comes fully-assembled and ready to use right out of the box.

This is something to strongly consider when searching for charging cart options. Having a fully-assembled product come straight out of the box can save you both time and money in the long run…especially if you have to wire the cart by hand as well.

Consider the amount of time you have to deploy devices. Do you have a few weeks or a few months to be ready? If you do not have a lot of time, consider what percentage of that time you want to spend assembling and wiring carts rather than storing, charging and syncing devices to be ready to deploy.

Deployment of devices is difficult no matter the size of the fleet. Fully-assembled solutions can ease stress, give time back to your strategy, and ultimately save you money.

2. What is the Cable Management on the cart?

Cable Management can be one of those items that can make or break the efficiency of using a charging cart.

Bretford has a unique cable management system called CableBoss™. This system provides easy, clean cabling with notched hooks that make it easy to organize cables and position cords neatly above devices.

This cable management system is secure enough that cables will not slip out and move, but not so secure that the cables get damaged when removing them.

CableBoss™ allows for a smooth assembly when wiring and an even faster deployment of devices. Even if the CUBE Cart® Pre-Wired option is not right for your organization, you can rest easy knowing that you will have devices deployed in no time with easy cable management and fully-assembled products delivered to you.

The cart also has a back that opens up with a key to be able to easily access the outlets and store the power adapters right below for hassle-free organization of the entire cord in the cart. The cable management system ensures that each bay has only one cord associated with it for simple recognition of association and easy clean up.

3. How does this charging cart lock?

The CUBE Cart® utilizes a padlock on the front and a keyed back panel. Since we manufacture in the USA, in Franklin Park, IL, we have additional options for keyed locks on both sides as well for easier access if needed.

When opening the back or side panels, they pull out and lift out with no friction for the safest, most space effective way of accessing the side or back of the cart.

The padlock is provided with the purchase of a cart so there is no need to worry about additional costs associated with purchasing padlocks for the fleet of charging solutions.

4. Bretford offers colors and logos; are there additional costs associated with this?

No! We know how important brand can be to many organizations so colors and logos, up to a certain threshold, are free.

Color customization for the CUBE Cart® is free for as many units as you purchase. Logos are free as long as the product count of the order is 25 units or more.

Color and logo customization is something that only Bretford offers, and we are proud to support organizations in their extension of brand throughout their facilities.

5. How are my devices being charged when they are all plugged in?

To ensure the safest charge for your devices, each CUBE Cart® is equipped with a cycle timer that rotates the charge from shelf to shelf on 10 minute intervals. It is a full rate charge no matter what.

This type of charging is considered to be intelligent or smart as the charging cart knows which devices need to be charged and when to stop so that the device battery will not be harmed in the charging process.

6. How do the doors on the charging cart operate?

The CUBE Cart® comes in both a 90 degree and 270 degree door. The 270 degree door allows users to tuck the doors to the side if they want to utilize the cart with open doors for most of its life.

When considering which doors to choose from think about two things:

  1. Will children be present at all times when utilizing the doors? Will the doors be in the way of them and cause a hazard if they only open 90 degrees?
  2. Where will the cart live? Does it make sense to have doors that open only 90 degrees or does it make sense that they open all the way and can tuck into a corner to remain open?

Door capability might not be at the top of your list of considerations, but to make sure that you have the best space available for the product, it should be on the list!

7. Is there an option for a pre-wired charging cart with USB-C cables?

Yes! Bretford offers a whole line of pre-wired charging solutions and the Cube Cart® Pre-Wired was one of the first carts we made with this option.

Pre-Wired options come fully-assembled and wired and ready-to-go to maximize your time to prepare for device deployment. Simply plug in the cart to the wall, add your devices and you will be ready for quick and efficient device deployment.

Find out more about our CUBE Cart® today!

Contact Bretford at (800) 521-9614 to talk to a sales representative today. Consider how you can upgrade your device management strategy with the CUBE Cart®.

Cube Cart Side Black Pumice

CUBE Cart®

Chromebook . Laptop . Tablet

Keep Chromebooks, laptops and tablets charged and ready to go. CUBE Cart® features a sleek design, smart charging across devices, a secure locking system and world-class reliability.

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CUBE Cart® Pre-Wired

Chromebook . Laptop . Tablet

Save time and let Bretford wire your CUBE Cart® with USB-C power adapters so the cables are perfectly organized and ready to deploy out of the box!

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