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The Most Frequently Asked Questions: TechGuard Connect® Charging Lockers

by Natalie Schlueter

1:1 device usage has become the standard throughout all public places, work environments and schools. A place for contactless IT, self-serviced charging, or easy device management for these electronics needs to be a large part of your device management strategy.

Charging lockers with integrated cloud based software to easily manage devices can be a huge asset when planning device management for a large fleet of 1:1 devices. Are you in the process of finding the perfect charging locker for your organization? Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

1. How do end users access the charging lockers?

The end users either use a pin code or an RFID card.

Pin code: Each user can either create their own pin code or have one created and specifically assigned for them by the organization to access devices. The way in which an organization goes about using pin codes will be based on how they want to utilize the charging lockers.

RFID card: This is when an end user has a specific RFID card number attached to their name so they can scan their device in and out of the system. This works well with chain of custody use or internal organizational systems, not general public use.

John Hersey High School utilizes their lockers with unique pin codes for each student:

2. What are the different modes or workflows?

There are three different modes to access bays in the TechGuard Connect® Charging Lockers to support the different uses needed from these lockers:

Assign Mode: This mode is best used for no contact device swap. This allows the organization to assign specific bays to specific end users with a pin code access or RFID access. The organization can access this ability by using Bretford’s cloud-based technology attached to the lockers called Bretford Connect®. This allows the organization to have complete control over who is using which bay in the locker. Each user within the system has their own unique pin code or RFID value.

Shared Mode: This mode is best used in a common-area-type situation for when end users might need an extra charge to get them through the day. In this case, they would access the locker by selecting an available bay shown on the screen, set the pin code, and store their device.

Check-in / Check-out Workflow: This mode allows for thoughtful accountability and an organized approach to chain of custody for devices. Users in this mode can enter a pin code, select their name, and access the bay that is assigned to them to check out and then return the device at the end of the day to check back in.

3. How does the licensing structure work?

Every locker purchased needs a license. The core Bretford Connect® license includes up to five Admin Users. If you require more than five, additional Admin User seats can be purchased.

You can have as many end users as you would like on each locker and in the system.

Bretford Connect® allows for customization of different Admin User Roles, including the ability to restrict visibility or provide read-only access to specific Admin User functions. Additionally, Bretford Connect® allows you to define Organizational Units based upon where your TechGuard Connect® lockers are physically located, or who may use them. The hierarchy of these units can be as unique as your organization and helps to determine which lockers your Admin Users will have access and visibility to.

4. Can you integrate with 3rd party softwares like Active Directory or ServiceNOW®?

Bretford has open API’s where those integrations can be created by the organization. There is no out-of-the-box integration that comes with the TechGuard Connect® Charging Lockers.

There are three methods for adding locker users:

Manual: Manually add users to the Bretford Connect® system.
Bulk Import: Upload a CSV file to import in bulk.
API’s: Enables applications to be written to automate the adding, updating, or removing of users in the Bretford Connect® system.

5. How much usable space is in each of the bay sizes?

Each bay is equipped with a standard AC outlet. We are able to include additional Ethernet ports or USB ports based on the specific product selected.

The locker bay dimensions for the 10-bay locker are 12.25ʺ x 15.9ʺ x 3.6ʺ. This fits about two to three devices depending on size of devices needing to be charged at the same time.

The locker bay dimensions for the 5-bay locker are 12.25ʺ x 15.9ʺ x 7.7ʺ. This fits about two to three devices depending on size of devices needing to be charged at the same time.

Find out more about our TechGuard Connect® Charging Lockers Today!

Contact Bretford at (800) 521-9614 to talk to a sales representative today. Consider how you can upgrade your device management strategy with TechGuard Connect® lockers.

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