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The Most Frequently Asked Questions: CUBE Micro Station®

Natalie Schlueter

Charging solutions can be daunting when the space you need to fit your needs is not large or versatile enough to actually support a device management strategy.

Smaller charging solutions are available, and should be used in situations with limited capacity or space, a small fleet of devices, or a device management strategy that includes sequential growth.

Smaller charging solutions can come in a variety of formats with different functionality, use, and versatility, but one of the most frequently bought and used products is the charging station.

What is a charging station?

Bretford’s charging station, the CUBE Micro Station®, is a simple solution to maximize space, increase device efficiency and use, and prepare for an increase in devices for the future.

The Bretford CUBE Micro Station® is a covered, square station with a durable padlock included to ensure safety of devices overnight and throughout the day if they are not in use. This charging station provides up to 10 devices a thorough, safe charge at all times.
Bretford charging stations provide a fast, simple, and easy solution to maximize device productivity and minimize IT support needed.

How does the CUBE Micro Station® charge devices?

The CUBE Micro Station® is equipped with 10 bays for 10 devices ranging in size from phones to laptops and everything in between.

Each bay has Bretford’s unique cable management system called CableBoss™. This cable system makes cabling bays as easy as possible. After the cables are installed, the devices can be added.

The micro charging station is equipped with full rate charging capabilities to ensure that each device receives a full, safe charge when placed into the bay.

How can the micro charging station support my growing device management needs?

Bretford’s CUBE Micro Station® has functions to maximize space and increase device charging capability as your device needs grow.

The micro stations can be daisy chained together to provide you with added support as your fleet of devices grows. These stations can be mounted to the wall or left on the counter, so no matter how large your fleet gets, you can rest easy knowing that space will be available for support.

The micro charging station also comes with removable modules and smart dividers to ensure that all devices fit into the station as needed. As your devices change over time, the CUBE Micro Station® will support them.

Can I personalize my CUBE Micro Station®?

Yes! Bretford’s CUBE Micro Station®, along with many of our other products, can be personalized to match your brand and style. With customizable logo placement and 16 vibrant color options, you can maximize your brand with your charging solutions.

This color and logo enhancements for your solutions come at no extra cost and instantly engage customers, students, or other constituents in your brand and style. Logos will cost extra if the order count is under 25 units.

Is the CUBE Micro Station® mobile?

The charging station is mobile with built-in side handles for easy mobility, and a light footprint that allows for placement anywhere, when necessary.

The CUBE Micro Station® offers a small, compact solution with dimensions that are compact: 18.25” x 17” x 16.5”. With these dimensions, you can make sure your devices are charged anywhere you go.

The station weighs in at 40lbs., ensuring durability and longevity of the station, but allowing for almost anyone to move the station from place to place.

How do I load devices in to charge?

The charging station is equipped with a front loading door that opens with a padlock. Simply, open the padlock and insert the devices vertically into the station.

Is there an option for a pre-wired CUBE Micro Station®?

Yes! This solution is part of our pre-wired line. The CUBE Micro Station® comes fully assembled right out of the box, but does not come pre-wired.

Pre-Wired options come fully-assembled and wired and ready-to-go to maximize your time to prepare for device deployment. Simply plug in the cart to the wall, add your devices and you will be ready for quick and efficient device deployment.

The CUBE Micro Station® Pre-Wired is your key to easy set-up and almost immediate deployment of charged devices with a pre-assembled, pre-wired charging solution.

Find out more about our CUBE Micro Station®, Today!

Contact Bretford at (800) 521-9614 to talk to a sales representative today. Consider how you can upgrade your device management strategy with the CUBE Micro Station®.

Cube Micro Station Side Mustard

CUBE Micro Station®

Phone . Laptop . Tablet

Features a sleek design, a secure locking system, and world class reliability. It’s small footprint is ideal for tight areas where space may be a consideration.

Cube Micro Station Side Red

CUBE Micro Station® Pre-Wired

Phone .  Laptop .  Tablet

Save time and let Bretford wire your CUBE Micro Station® with USB-C power adapters so the cables are perfectly organized and ready to deploy out of the box!

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