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The Most Frequently Asked Questions: CUBE Toploader™

Natalie Schlueter

What do you think of when you hear the words “charging cart”? Think about it…

It is probably a cabinet-type solution with a door, or doors, that open to the front like any other enclosed cart. It has a flat surface on the top with doors on the side to add and remove items, in this case, devices needing to be charged.

In most cases, this is the standard charging cart, but there are other options. A top-loading charging cart can ease small space issues, minimize time spent loading the cart, and provide an ergonomic solution to crouching down to load a front-loading cart.

This sounds like a great solution, but still not sold? Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions our customers have about the Bretford CUBE Toploader™ to help you find your best solution:

Is the top lid safe for little hands, or hands in general?

While the entire charging solution is made with durable steel, the top lid is made specifically with hands in mind. The top is equipped with a hydraulic arm that allows for easy open and close.

When the door is pushed open, it slides to a full open position with ease. This is useful for situations when carrying many devices or when the solution rests against a wall. With this hydraulic arm, there is no need to worry about hitting the wall it is up against.

When the door is pushed closed, the hydraulic arm allows for an easy, slow close. With this system in place, you can close the door without any worry over hands getting caught in the doors way.

Because of this easy open and close door, the toploader is made for children. Because the cart only has a single door there is no need to worry of doors flipping out from the front and hitting children or getting hands caught in the crevices.

The single, large door will open from the front to the back and will avoid all people standing in front of the cart, ready to load their devices.

What size devices will fit in this cart?

This toploader charging cart is made for Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets. It is made for larger devices, therefore it is not compatible, or ideal, for phones.

The bay slot sizes are approximately 1.28” x 10” x 13.5” for 24 bays / devices. The size of the bays fluctuates based on the amount of devices needed in the cart. The cart can support a range of 20-40 devices depending on how big the devices are and which selection of capacity you make at the time of purchase.

Any size case will fit into the toploader as long as it stays within the dimensions of the individual bay slots. For reference, the bay slot dimensions for all capacities are listed below:

20 devices: (WxDxH) 1.56” x 10” x 13.5”
24 devices: (WxDxH) 1.28” x 10” x 13.5”
26 devices: (WxDxH) 1.17” x 10” x 13.5”

For more in-depth information on this, visit the spec sheet for the CUBE Toploader®.

Why should you choose a toploader over a traditional cart?

Traditional carts are called traditional for a reason. Our Bretford CUBE Carts® are reliable, durable and get the job done, but they do not offer as much versatility and ease of use as the toploader can offer.

Here are three major reasons to consider investing in a CUBE Toploader™ for your organization:

Ergonomics: Because the cart is a toploader you do not have to crouch all the way to the ground to add devices to the cart or to wire the cart. Since you can view it from the top, you just need to bend over a little to add the wires and insert the devices.

Another aspect of this ergonomically-conscious cart is that children have an easier time adding devices to a toploader than to a front-loading cart. They are able to see more clearly, with better lighting, where their device can go, and gravity supports their placement of devices vertically into the cart.

The cart can be accessed from three different angles to allow for students, teachers, staff, or other consumers to more efficiently deploy devices and slide into hidden areas.

Wider Field of Vision: The toploading aspect to the cart allows for an easy loading experience for children and teachers alike. Because teachers can see from the top of the cart, they are able to watch the class load their own devices, and also watch the class in their desks or tables as you unload / load devices for them.

This wider field of vision helps keep classrooms at bay while the teacher is actively doing something as the students know that the teacher has an easier time watching them instead of the teacher’s back facing the front-loading carts, unloading devices.

This cart also supports students inserting their own devices back into the cart if necessary in an efficient and orderly manner, decreasing time spent loading and unloading devices throughout the day.

Time Savings: Because of the three sides, the ability to see all things happening at the same time as deploying devices, and the accessibility of device loading and unloading, the toploading charging cart ultimately saves the consumer time.

When you invest in the CUBE Toploader™, you are not only buying a quality charging solution for your tech environment, you are investing in saved time, peaceful classrooms, and generous accessibility.

How tall is the CUBE Toploader™? Will I be reaching far down to grab devices?

With an all-around ergonomic design, the CUBE Toploader™ is made to not make you crouch!

The cart dimensions include a 33” height. This means that you can say goodbye to crouching all the way to the floor to add and remove devices. The toploader is the easiest and fastest way to grab devices while still remaining upright.

Bretford carts are made for ease of use, and the toploader is no exception to the rule.

Find out more about our CUBE Toploader™ cart, today!

Contact Bretford at (800) 521-9614 to talk to a sales representative today. Consider how you can upgrade your device management strategy with the CUBE Toploader™.

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CUBE Toploader™

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The CUBE Toploader™ Charging Cart features a top-loading configuration with a soft-close design providing easy access to devices while putting safety first.

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