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The Most Frequently Asked Questions: Pre-Wired Solutions

by Natalie Schlueter

Pre-wired charging solutions can potentially be the most helpful products in your device management strategy.

This is a bold statement, we know, but it should not be taken lightly. These charging solutions, because of the added benefits, have an added cost associated. You might be asking the question: why would I spend extra money on something that I can inevitably do myself?

That’s a valid and useful question to ask before purchasing products that will be a large part of the budget. In fact, many people have similar questions! In short, the added value of time, and therefore money saved with pre-wired charging carts and other solutions allow organizations to deploy devices quickly and efficiently to users.

Read below to find out the most frequently asked questions that we get from customers to help you feel confident in your plan for your pre-wired purchase.

1. Will Bretford chargers work with all of my USB-C Chromebooks?

Yes! Our chargers are compatible with all USB-C Chromebooks, and our pre-wired carts house up to 36 devices. The power adapters that come with the carts support up to 65W devices.

Some of our carts have some other features and benefits that support the use of Chromebooks outside of the cart. The CORE® X pre-wired charging cart features an extra outlet connected to the cart that can be threaded to the top to have a workspace with an extra 2 amps of power supplied.

Each charging cart and station comes with intelligent charging. Intelligent charging includes a digital cycle timer that rotates through each shelf of devices every 10 minutes to ensure fast and safe device charging.

2. What is your charger warranty?

We have a 7 year electrical and mechanical warranty on all products. We will repair or replace the product or refund you money if there is a problem.

We are proud to offer such a competitive warranty on the market with the electrical warranty surpassing the average warranty limit. We consider this our no nonsense warranty.

Dedication to quality and excellent customer service is one of our core values in our relationships with our customers. We want to ensure that you have the best product possible, and that we provide the best service. You can count on us to have one of the best quality management systems in place with a strong strategy for customer service.

3. Why would I buy pre-wired when I could buy a cart and power adapters separately?

Pre-wired solutions save you from an hour of work wiring a single cart. Imagine what you could do with that hour.

When considering a pre-wired product, it is important to recognize the amount of time it takes to wire a single cart and then multiply that by the number of carts purchased. We asked our Director of Sales for Education what he thought about the amount of time it would take to wire a fleet of carts. “If you imagine that it takes three hours to wire five carts, you can imagine how long it would take you to wire 50 carts. That would be almost 30 hours, or a whole week for a single person to wire the entire fleet. That is a lot of time and extra energy.”

When considering the amount of carts you need and devices that need to be deployed, think about if your organization has enough power and energy to wire all of the carts, deploy devices, and maintain the original schedule set in place.

4. What different capacities do the carts have?

What different capacities do the carts have?
There is a wide variety of capacities that the pre-wired line supports. We know that device management and the amount of devices needing to be charged varies vastly based on the organization, and we provide solutions for all scenarios.

Our CUBE Cart® Pre-Wired can house anywhere from 32 to 36 devices. This is our standard pre-wired option for most use cases. It is our most popular solution for many and provides enough bays for all devices needed.

Our CUBE Cart Mini® Pre-Wired can house up to 24 devices. This solution is the compact version of the traditional CUBE Cart® Pre-Wired. If you want the durable CUBE Cart® feel, but want a smaller solution to match your needs, this is the cart for you!

Our CUBE Micro Station® Pre-Wired can house up to 10 devices. This solution is the smallest footprint available in pre-wired with the option to mount the station to the wall and daisy-chain the stations together as the device management needs grow.

Our CORE® X Cart Pre-Wired can house up to 36 devices. This solution has the size of the devices in mind with adjustable dividers to house multiple different size devices in one cart. This solution is perfect for BYOD (bring your own device) scenarios or choose your own device scenarios.

5. What makes your pre-wired carts better than other pre-wired carts?

There are a few reasons Bretford pre-wired solutions stand out from others:

  • All solutions are made with American-sourced and American-made steel making for a durable, trustworthy end product.
  • We have an unmatched 7 year electrical and mechanical warranty.
  • We have color customization available in 16 different colors.
    Personalized logos can go on all pre-wired solutions. Your brand matters!
  • We boast 5 inch, durable wheels ensuring that you can weather any surface with the pre-wired carts.
  • We design and build all Bretford solutions in the USA. This makes for quality products you can trust, and short lead times.

Have more questions?

Are you considering pre-wired and have more questions that need to be answered? Our customer service team can help answer some of your questions or get you in touch with the necessary sales representative. Call (800) 521-9614 to find your perfect pre-wired solution today.

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