Versatility Meets Mobility — The Advantages of the Explorer™ Display Cart

Learning is not just limited to books and blackboards. Schools need other tools and equipment to make learning conducive, easy, and interactive for students. In today’s increasingly digital work, display monitors are one popular alternative to blackboards. However, these types of monitors are often too bulky and unyielding. Mobile display carts like the Bretford Explorer™ Display Cart are here to save the day.

Our display cart is the ultimate solution that brings together versatility and mobility. We’ve shared an informative blog post discussing the advantages of this mobile cart to academic institutions. Let’s dive in!

About the Explorer™ Display Cart

Our Explorer™ Display Cart is a mobile cart designed to carry monitors and bring them to various locations. This heavy-duty TV mobile cart is made with durable material and can carry up to 200 pounds in weight. In addition, the cart has a VESA mounting pattern that makes it compatible with almost all types of flat-panel TVs and monitors. With locking wheels and soft treads, the Explorer™ Display Cart provides incredible stability without sacrificing mobility.

Practical Features of the Explorer™ Display Cart

With the Explorer™ Display Cart, you’ll enjoy the following features and their advantages. 

  • Accessory Mounts: The cart doesn’t just hold monitors. We’ve included accessories so you can easily add sound bars, speakers, and other peripherals.
  • Cable Management: No one likes the sight of chaotic cables. Thankfully, the Explorer™ Display Cart has cable management features that organize wires out of view, resulting in a neat and clean look.
  • Durable Construction: We use stainless steel tube frames, laser cut and robotically welded for maximum strength and seamless design. 
  • Soft Treads: The wheels roll like butter thanks to the soft treads. Plus, the increased stability protects delicate TV parts even in rough terrain.

Thanks to these features, the mobile carts bring together mobility and convenience. Many TV monitors are mounted on walls, making it hard to move them from place to place, but our cart makes mobility seamless.

With the Explorer™ Display Cart, you can eliminate all this inconvenience. Since everything is in a single place, you won’t need to dismount the monitor, reattach the speakers, and perform other steps that take a lot of time. Instead, all you have to do is move the cart — and the rest of the system along — to the new location. Then, plug the cable into the nearest outlet, and you’re good to go!

Applications in Academic Setting

The Explorer™ Display Cart helps enhance learning through its various applications in school settings. From multimedia presentations to collaborative learning, here are a few ways our versatile carts can be advantageous for your institution.

Multimedia Learning

Our Explorer™ Display Cart is one of the best compliments to multimedia learning. Not only can it carry a TV for presentations or lectures, but you can also equip it with speakers and other accessories. That way, lessons are not just limited to visual learning — audio can be included as well, leading to more engagement and interaction from students.

Digital Signage

One popular application of our display cart is for digital signage. From announcements to event schedules, TV monitors can easily show information in high-foot-traffic areas like cafeterias and hallways. Best of all, you can effortlessly move the cart to another area, ensuring that every student and staff member can see the announcements. It’s the better substitute for paper posters, which can be easily vandalized and often ignored.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is now common thanks to our transition to hybrid learning. Professors, subject matter experts, and mentors can hold video conferences even when far from your school. If you’re holding a seminar or lecture by these experts, the Explorer™ Display Cart serves as a convenient piece of equipment that allows you to bring TV monitors where needed, like conference rooms or gymnasiums. Students and teachers alike can have a good view of the presentations without having to cram into small classrooms.

Exhibits and Showcases

Monitors mounted on the Explorer™ Display Cart work well for major school events like science fairs. You can easily bring the monitor to the location of the exhibits, allowing your participants to share more details about their projects. Everyone can create their own presentations, which they can then showcase to the audience using the monitor and cart.

Sports and Coaching

The Explorer™ Display Cart helps coaches and athletes by bringing the monitor to the field. Now, everyone can easily see plays and strategies. Coaches can teach new techniques or show how the opponents play, letting the team understand the best plays to counteract the opponent’s moves and bring home the trophy!

Science Laboratories

With the Explorer™ Display Cart, teachers can effortlessly bring huge monitors safely into science labs. Students can view experiment results, watch educational videos, and enjoy live demonstrations by scientists far from the school.

Emergency Broadcasts 

During emergencies and unexpected situations, the Explorer™ Display Cart helps you easily make announcements. Staff can bring the cart and monitor in areas that allow everyone to see announcements, such as routes to evacuation areas and safety protocols. Keeping students informed helps them stay calm during emergencies and avoid confusion, leading to more level-headed responses to dangerous situations.

Final Thoughts on the Advantages of Display Carts in Schools

A display cart with wheels is more than just a means to transport monitors and TVs. It’s a tool that makes learning easier, helping staff and students easily access media for use in educational applications. Check out the Explorer™ Display Cart today and learn more about this innovative and versatile product!

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